Sunday WatchAlong: Tara vs Bilal! 8am Chicago Time! Something HAPPY!!!

Happy Sunday! It’s overcast and snowy outside and both me and Albie Dog are feeling grumpy. So this film had better live up to it’s feel good rep!

Tara vs Bilal

It’s on Netflix, every DCIBer who’s seen it has given it a good review, I am willing to check it out especially if I have y’all to watch it with me.

At 8am Chicago time, I will put up an “And PLAY” comment and we will go from there!


327 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Tara vs Bilal! 8am Chicago Time! Something HAPPY!!!

  1. This feels very similar to how my nephews communicate. Nephew A says something to Nephew B, Nephew B makes a random baby noise, Nephew A asks my sister “What Nephew B saying?” and she tells him. That’s gonna be their marriage, Tara says something, Bilal says nothing, and Bilal’s Mom interprets.

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    • Yea, but it clearly shows how they both grow and make each other better and are good for one another. He brings out her bravery and she calls him out on being so reserved! Love this film to bits!


    • I feel the same way about Harsh. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Let me know if you plan on watching any old movies! I started watching Keemat with Rekha and Dharmendra yesterday. You always seems to recommend old movies that I have not seen!

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      • Ooh, I recall “Keemat” being great fun! “Elaan” was on Netflix recently and has similar vibes. Did I recommend “Hatyara” to you already, or was that Popka I was chatting with?


      • Oh, and have you seen “Biradari” with Shashi and Faryal? I watched it the better part of a year ago but was just working on the write-up. I had my frustrations (Faryal, alas, is really unlikeable in it), but it was still a good time. Kind of a gentle social comedy set in a single chawl.


        • I started watching Biradari a long time ago but Faryal’s character made me so angry that I had to stop watching it. I might have to give it another try.

          I will likely start with Hatyara given your description and might need to be in the mood for Biradari.


          • Just put up the “Biradari” post. It’s a shame, isn’t it? I’m fond of Faryal in her later persona as a vamp, and I almost feel like as a mature actress she could have spun that part so that you’d still feel something for her. She was really, really young here, though, and just kind of gets trampled over by the script. But Mehmood and Kanhaiyalal are great good fun! And there’s a whole Holi song dedicated to tormenting Pran!


  2. Oh oh! Tara’s Dad can marry the sweet auntie with the duaghters! And then he will have even more daughters! And they can have an awesome romance where Sweet Auntie thinks her sisters put him up to proposing but actually he asked the sisters for help becuase he was in love, plus she has all this trauma around the idea that she has to put her daughters first always. but then he does something super sweet for the kids and she realizes her loves her AND her children and really truly wants to marry all of them.

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  3. It was a delight to share this movie! It is so sweet, but it is a modern classic and hopefully will have a cult following. It deserves it so much. These kinds of feel-good movies are so rare nowadays.

    Also, John Abraham produced this film, so no wonder it is so progressive in its story. He likes these kinds of looking at the films he is in or produced, which makes sense.

    Happy Sunday! Happy Lunar New Year of the Rabbit!

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        • My personal favourite from John produced movies is Savita Damodar Paranjpe, marathi movie based on a play, about a woman possed by horny ghost. And yes, it is just as it sounds – absolutely ridiculous and unintentionally funny. I loved it.


  4. Margaret if you need another happy movie try Plan A Plan B, it is low budget, short and takes an unlikeable guy and actually makes him all the way likeable. That is why I’m thinking of it. In fact I think I’ll force the 7 year old to watch it with me now. Whoops 8 year old. No more 7 year olds. 😦 Stupid time.

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