Discussion Post! Most Grown Up Man-like Hindi Film Heroes! The Opposite of the Tortured Manboy Heroes!

Genevieve registered a complaint that Harsh in Tara vs Bilal played yet another manboy can’t talk about his feelings type of guy. Which made me think we should pull out and appreciate the alternative type of heroes! The ones who just handle things and do things without making a fuss about it.


I can probably never watch this movie again because the politics are so ugly, but boy oh boy is this a great romance for a Grown Up Can Handle Things hero. He knows he is too old, too working class, too everything to be an appropriate partner for the heroine. But he still gently takes care of her, feeds her, clothes her, protects her, makes her feel loved without demanding anything in return, and is delighted when she proposes to him.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

This is, like, the only adult Bhansali hero I can think of. Ajay is SO GREAT. Sets aside his own feelings, prioritizes taking care of his responsibilities, and is just generally an adult person who can take care of himself.

Dil Dhadakne Do

Most of the men are unfeeling children people, which is sort of the point of the movie, but Farhan Akhtar is the exception. He has succeeded on his own in the world and can express his feelings without being all balled up inside and guilty and blah blah.


Abhishek in this is SO GOOD. Yes, he has feelings, he is human. But he doesn’t need anyone to take care of him or teach him or anything stupid like that, he just does what he does.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Well, now this is all I can think of. The best most mature most “I am a grown up” hero of ALL.

Okay, give me more! More of those “what a solid decent nice guy” kind of heroes!!!!


23 thoughts on “Discussion Post! Most Grown Up Man-like Hindi Film Heroes! The Opposite of the Tortured Manboy Heroes!

    • SRK in veer zara, the way he confessed his feelings to Zara even after knowing she belongs to someone else, just so pure, authentic and beautiful. He had the guts to say it even in front of her fiansce without sounding rude, vulgar and cheesy. Just pure expression of his love with nothing needed in return. SRK of Veer Zara was so perfect even by SRK standards.


  1. `
    OK, I can’t remember the name of the movie or the name of the actor. But, it’s the movie where Aishwarya gets washed down the sewer and the guy grows flowers(?) or something. And has a limp. And it’s a Jane Austin story line.

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  2. Shahid in Jab We Met – feel like that character is old before his time and has to meet Get to rediscover his boyish sense of adventure. But then steps up to be everything she needs.

    Do kings and gangsters count? Akbar? Raees?

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  3. Mohan Bhargav of Swades. A proper responsible grown-up, expressing his feelings in a healthy yet fun way. I was also thinking of Saif in Hum Tum, when he is being a good friend to Rani, but he also messes things up a bit towards the end.


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