Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on PATHAAN WEEK????

Happy Pathaan Monday!!!!!! I’m taking the day off work on Wednesday, my plan is to get a pedicure and see Pathaan. Because I feel Shahrukh would appreciate freshly painted toenails.

Here is where you ask me anything you want from “How long is Pathaan?” to “How can I search for available tickets in my town?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! From Genevieve, she sent me this photo and asked me who the blonde woman is, and I have NO idea!!! This is Hrithik’s sister’s family birthday party, is it possible his sister has a totally cool girlfriend?


26 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on PATHAAN WEEK????

  1. I will get the Ranbir news out of the way if anyone is having a grumpy Monday morning and wants to vent to this rather than a coffee cup.

    The trailer for Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar.

    And posters for the film.

    And here is the poster, aka first look for Animal. I will only watch this for Tripti Dimri because she is in it.


    • Animal seem’s slightly promising but I’m worried that it will be whiny tortured manchild since it is Ranbir. Sandeep seems to like more angry tortured manchild more which is also my preference but you know how it goes with these films. The other film looks bad but the songs seem good so hopefully some positives.


    • Okay, I will admit, I enjoyed the trailer. Shraddha has great comedic timing and I think she does a really great job at being sassy. Also, Ranbhir is basically playing himself … makkar. I can handle that. I am looking forward to this one.


    • The only good poster is the last one. I can’t handle anything else about this movie. Everything looks so polished and fake, and I’m sure that’s the point, but Ranbir and Shraddha have no chemistry, even though she looks in her element. Also heard they’re not promoting this film together, which feels like a waste. I’ll check out reviews when it comes out, but otherwise, pass.


  2. KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty got married.

    Also what are your estimates for the box office collection of Pathaan. I’m really hoping this will be a big hit, like over 500 crores type of hit. I also hope it is watchable which his last film was not. That is literally my only hope since I love SRK in anything.


  3. Charm. I want to ask about charm. Is there a great actor who has succeeded without charm. I was thinking of Harsh, he is beautiful, he is skilled, and yet I am not a fan because I don’t see his charm come through the screen. I was thinking had he added charm to his character in the Saturday watch a long, I would have liked the character more.

    The three Khans all ooze charm. Typically I love chemistry in a film and search for films with the best chemistry, yet I adore Allu Arjun who rarely has chemistry in his films, because he is a giant meteor of charm. It is hard for me to define charm, but those who have it include a sense of not taking themselves too seriously, of enjoying the world, and of connecting with the people around them. So who has succeeded without this magical, intangible asset?

    I guess I don’t find Priyanka Chopra charming, at least I rarely see her connecting to her costars on screen, I think of her as water on the film’s oil. And yet she is successful.


    • I have a theory that a really great actor has the ability to turn charm on and off. That is, if the character is written to be charming, they will be charming. If the character is charmless, opposite. That sense of warmth and interest in others and constantly sort of making love to the camera and the co-stars can be part of your character training. Aamir Khan, Ranveer Singh, Shahrukh, they all do this, turn the charm and charisma on and off as the character requires it. Oh, and Allu Arjun too! In Pushpa he pushed himself to be charmless as much as possible.

      However! there are also mediocre actors who are naturally charming and just don’t turn it off when they start acting. And there are actors who can be charming if they make the effort but aren’t smart enough to see when a script needs it. Like, I’m not willing to say Harsh is incapable of acting charming, but I do think without a director drawing him a path for it he didn’t see how to add that to his performance, or even that his performance needed it.

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    • I think it’s a drawback of the film that it didn’t give Harsh much space to show off his charms. I felt it spent more time with the leads being on their own and not enough time with them together, which is when the hero would normally get the chance to be charming. Literally the only instance I can think of was in their conversation after Ritz pretended to be Tara’s fake husband.

      Agree with Margaret’s theory and adding that with Shahrukh, he really knows how and when to use the charm because he has played some absolutely repulsive characters. He plays nasty better than most actors who are known for playing villains.

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  4. EEK I’m so excited for Pathaan! Luckily I don’t have to take time off work to see the first show (although I totally would have) because I work in theater and don’t have to be there till 6pm. I’m also taking my retired mom with me to see it. She loves SRK almost as much as I do now.

    My question for you is, in terms of Indian film related content, what streaming service other than Netflix and Amazon Prime would be worth signing up for? I’ve heard Disney+ has a lot of stuff including TV shows like KBC and Koffee with Karan, but I don’t know how much of it is actually available in America. Also, what was up with YRF taking movies off of Amazon a few months ago? I can still find some of them if I specifically search for them but those seem to be slowly having their English subtitles removed. Is YRF making their own platform or switching or something?


    • Check Hulu! In America, Disney dumped most of their Indian content onto Hulu for reasons I don’t fully understand. It’s got a sucky search function and most of them have no subs, but they are there if you look for it.

      And if you want the no fail option, the website “” is the BEST. Slightly illegal, but the way to go since the legal sources are so weak.

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  5. I was reading about the busiest actresses in 2022, and was surprised to see that Rakul Preet Singh is the one who had the most movies- 5 (+1 digital release in January 2023). The second is Taapsee – 5 movies, and then Bhumi (4) and Jacqueline Fernandez (also 4 ). Alia and Kiara had 3 films. While Kriti, Janhvi, Yami and Ananya – 2.
    People talk so much about nepotism but all 4 the busiest actresses are outsiders. Sure, Alia , Janhvi and Ananya get bigger movies, but it doesn’t mean those movies are better (e.g Liger) or more successful.


    • Yep! I think part of nepotism is that it makes you lazy and ultimately hard work is more important than being related to folks. Alia is the most successful industry kid right now and she works HARD. I mean, 3 movies this year AND SHE HAD A BABY.

      Of course, as always, Ranbir is the exception to this, somehow able to do no work at all and still glide through life.

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    • I think it is interesting that Nepo awareness is now entering the U.S. film media. I’ve seen at least two articles/opinion pieces about it in major newspapers in the last week.

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      • Yes, I saw the same thing. I find it very odd, from a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” perspective. No one seems to be saying “Hollywood films are broken and the system is a sham”, just like on principal don’t do it? And so many of the most respected artists of all time in Hollywood came from film families, do we really want to say Anjelica Houston got by on her name?


  6. Couldn’t find anywhere else to post this, and as with the last time this happened, I know we don’t care about awards and such, but maybe I do a little bit, NAATU NAATU JUST GOT NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR!!!

    It’s the only nominee that RRR got. And I know all the songs from the movie are great, but I am so excited!!! I swear they usually perform the nominees during the show, but apparently they haven’t the last few years, although I swear they did last year, so fingers crossed we’ll get to see Ram Charan and NTR dance on American TV in a couple months!


  7. Ahhh… I saw this a couple days ago and has to share!!!

    Our very own Kirre wrote a review of Tara v. Bilal and Harsh saw it and commented on his Instagram.

    We are also going to assume that he called her “maam” out of respect and not because he thinks Kirre is old. Besides Courtney and a couple others, she might be one of the youngest on the blog… I think!

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  8. Looks like I really have a 6th sense when it comes to bollywood movies. There was 0 information about Pathaan in Italy. I was checking cinemas everyday, reading odd fb sites, YRF twitter and even writing emails, but nothing. And still deep inside I was sure the movie will come here somehow. Well, yesterday evening the multiplex that screened Brahmastra added Pathaan. This is the good news. The bad is there is only 1 show on Monday evening! Stupid cinema. It’s far from where I live (50 km /31 miles), and it’s almost impossible to go there on Monday evening 😦


  9. I am super duper happy that Pathaan is breaking records. I read a bit about how SRK didn’t do any interviews and thought “Of course not, after what happened with his family he probably has nothing appropriate or good to say about that, and that question would certainly come up.” And that thought led into… Do you suppose Pathaan is partially breaking the box office records because so many people are pissed about what happened to his family? Attacking his kid brought national attention to the Indian government, and anyone who was even a mild fan had something to say about it. The movie is good (not that I’ve seen it), but at the same time is there a sort of desperation to see what this man, whose family was attacked, was making? Did Aryan’s sitting in jail for a month on bogus charges help lead to Pathaan’s success? I’m just being analytical, I want to be clear that I am NOT trying to diminish the movie’s success. I’m just wondering if these two huge events are connected.


    • Hmm. I would say more that it is a course correction? Like, people who might have fallen in line with a negative campaign on social media before now would go “ugh, that feels wrong somehow, I think I’ll disengage”.

      Also, Shahrukh not doing media is probably better for the film, just leaving the void there for folks to fill. He should have done that for his last few films I think, he gets so much coverage without doing anything at all, when he does something it quickly turns into overdose.


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