Pathaan Quickie Review: Counting It Down By the Numbers!

I’ll right a slightly longer review in a minute, and then a much longer review with spoilers, and then possibly a much MUCH longer review with scene by scenes (but maybe not, it’s not really that kind of movie). But for now, having just gotten home, I want to simply give the broad strokes of the experience by the numbers.

Number of people at a noon show on a regular working Wednesday: 4 men, 8 women, 1 baby.

Percent of wig versus SRK real hair: 50/50

Jingoism on a scale of 0 to 10: Veering wildly as high as 8 and as low as 2 scene by scene, finally landing around 3

Plausibility of action scenes: Negative 10

Enjoyability of action scenes: Positive 200

Dips-SRK Chemistry: Below Chennai Express, above Happy New Year

Number of songs in the film: 1 plus end credits song

SRK-Salman Chemistry: Same as Karan-Arjun

SRK Comfortable Self-Aware Charm: Stable at a Thousand, as always

Logic in Plot: Not Applicable

Amount that I myself enjoyed it: If Chennai Express is 100, and Zero is Zero, somewhere around 80%

Slightly Spoiler Bonus, Trigger Warnings: 1, if you’ve come out of the past few years with a virus phobia


9 thoughts on “Pathaan Quickie Review: Counting It Down By the Numbers!

  1. Am I allowed to disagree? Dips-Srk chemistry was higher than any of their pairings for me. But let’s wait for your longer review 😀


    • Of course you can disagree! Chennai Express is TOPS for me, so we can fight it out over whether this or that should take the prize.


  2. Their chemistry being better than Happy New Year is all that I really need to know. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the movie though 🙂


  3. I’ve walked out after the movie with a sense of lightness, coming home, feeling like I’m put together again, that my world was more ok than not and almost feeling recharged and wanting to make progress in my life. Healing power of SRK on screen. ♥️

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