Most Manly SRK FINALE!!!! Kabir Khan Versus Shahrukh Khan!!!

Oooo, it’s gonna be tricky! Real SRK has children, but Kabir Khan has a whistle. There’s something really mature and manly about blowing a whistle.

Kabir Khan

Shahrukh Khan



16 thoughts on “Most Manly SRK FINALE!!!! Kabir Khan Versus Shahrukh Khan!!!

  1. So tough but I think I have to vote for Kabir; he is Manly Grown-up all the way through, without the boyish exuberance and irrepressible vim of a certain 57 year old 😁💘


  2. SRK – That’s a tough call though. They both have a lot of the qualities I would look for. SRK wins for sensitivity, emotional availability, and not taking himself too seriously. He feels just slightly farther away from toxic masculinity than Kabir.


  3. Slightly tangential – I came across this podcast – (full episode is on podcast apps). I was wondering what’s your viewpoint of them saying that SRK changed his target segment from Om Shanti Om onwards. Not sure if you already covered it in your SRK 101 post but I haven’t been quite able to make sense if it. Thought to ask the expert – you!!


    • I haven’t watched/listened to the podcast, but I can tell you how I see it. Om Shanti Om broke records, and was his own production, so he sort of had the luxury to only do what he wanted to do after that. But for me, his biggest recent shift was after Dilwale. He went from making entertainers focused on the box office to making movies with unusual ideas that he wanted to try.

      I wouldn’t even say Om Shanti Om was his last effortless hit, the last time he played a Star-Star, I’d say that was Chennai Express.

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