Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Last Day of January???

Happy Monday! I am so glad I got through January. Ugh, the month after Christmas is the WORST. Next Month we have Valentine’s Day, and I get to visit my friend in California again at the end of the month, so that’s something to look forward to.

Here is where you get to ask me anything from “when are you seeing Pathaan again?” to “How long do you think Pathaan will be in theaters?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!!!

Now, question for you! It’s time to start planning for Valentine’s Day, what theme should I do this year?

Bonus question, Should I write a scene by scene of Pathaan or is it not that kind of movie?


56 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Last Day of January???

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  2. Curious if you know how Pathaan has been doing internationally vs. domestically? Feels like it was optimized for the Indian theater audience, but maybe I’m reading that wrong. Wondering if it breaks the SRK pattern of more successful outside than inside.

    I’m happy to see February too. At least it’s short, and brings a bit more sunlight!

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    • Shoot, I don’t know if we can compare outside/inside. Inside is unreliable, mostly word of mouth. Based on that, Pathan sounds like it is doing great! It’s Number 5 in America, so doing good overseas too. According to Box Office India, it’s the All Time Overseas Opening Weekend, by almost double the previous record. Of course, that never allows for inflation, which of course has been rampant this year, plus movie ticket prices in general have ticked up slightly in value along with price, outpacing inflation. But even with ALL of that, it’s still doing great.

      The film itself, the experience in the theater, the whole thing is giving me flashbacks of Chennai Express and the box office is matching that. A big fun entertainer that’s also kind of clever, and builds on SRK’s stardom. That was the last time he had a truly inside/outside hit, and looks like this could be going the same way?


  3. I have a question/ I need movie recommendation.

    I discovered a new (for me) song Lo prohibido lately, it’s about a guy who is with a woman who is ashamed of being with him. He is there, giving her joy, but she will never admit she dates him, because he is the prohibited one. I felt in love with the song, and realized I absolutely need a movie about such relationship. Are there any Indian movies about a woman who is in love/has affair with a guy she is ashamed of? Not an usuall “my dad won’t approve” but “this guy makes me feel alive again but he isn’t someone I can show my friends”.
    Not Indian films are also ok.

    The only film I can think about is The Lunchbox. It’s not exactly what I’m searching for, but similar.


    • The first film that came to mind for me is Photograph. Oh, and the Pakistani film Cake!!! And Ek Nau Paheli, with the age difference romance. And Dushman, with Kajol falling for blind Sanju. I am sure there are others, fun question!

      I think that’s what Jab Tak Hain Jaan was supposed to be? But Yashji missed the mark. Kat is supposed to be this pure high class untouched woman, and SRK is the lowly grafter who she shouldn’t even be spending time with. Only it doesn’t work at all.


      • Yeah it didn’t work at all in JTHJ. Kat was too wooden, SRK too charismatic. what a pity! Because it even has sexy scenes at all.
        Jab Harry Met Sejal made it a little better, with her being rich and him just a tour guide with a past, but still the “shame” wasn’t the center of the movie.


    • This is really really hard. The only one I can kind of think of is Cake as Margaret said and maybe English Vinglish? It’s more… the guy makes her feel alive but she’s married.


        • Yes, in that it is a family drama. But no, in that it is just better. All the romances are good, the sister drama is central, the whole thing is just better.


        • Oh… that’s an interesting comparison. I can see that but somehow I liked it a lot more than Kapoor and Sons. The underlying story is kind of messed up (similar to Kapoor and Son’s) but it doesn’t condone those actions. I would check out Margaret’s spoiler review and some of the comments before watching it.


    • Ooooh, Veere De Wedding with Sonam’s character. That one might be on point and for once gets it right!

      I think this genre is soo hard because if the woman is ambitious, better educated etc… and falls in love with a guy who isn’t, then she’s either made out to be the villain or she has to give it all up to be a “sanskari” woman and give it all up for the guy. I think Veere gets it right because it shows Sonam from being a snob to acknowledging that she’s being snobby without making her out to be a villain.

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  4. My Pathaan drama continues. So I was waiting for weeks for some information. Suddenly the movie appears in Italy, but Catania has the worst date of all. I can’t go, because I have a lot of other things to do. My husband sees me sad, and makes everything to make me go. There are many “ifs” but finally we arrive at the cinema. And guess what? The show has been cancelled because “the file is corroded”!!! Like how it’s even possible? Aren’t the movies digital now? Did they download it from Pirate Bay or what? Nobody checks this stuff? I was standing there and wanted to cry. It’s stupid to cry for a movie but I’m so tired of this rollercoster. Maybe, but only maybe, there will show it next week, but I can bet the date/hour will be even worse.

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  5. Please help people. I feel I might have lost the plot somewhere. What’s the story behind the missed button on Shah Rukhs shirt in Pathan?


  6. Yesss do a scene-by-scene! I needs more of it in any format until it comes out online 😅

    So when are you seeing it again? I so wish it was showing somewhere closer to me so I could be that rabid fan who goes daily haha. But “mausam bigadne wala hai” was the line we should have paid attention to here, because record-breaking flooding began on Friday and I’m not going to push my luck traversing those roads again to see it a fourth time anytime soon. Not that it didn’t add to the night out’s excitement for mr12 on Saturday 😆


  7. Yes, please do scene-by-scene! More chance to talk about Pathaan!

    Would you be interested to do a box-office analysis post for Pathaan? I’m generally not into that, but for this I am curious and so much of the discussion is about its performance. I loved your old 101 post on box-office. I wonder how much has changed due to the pandemic and how do you compare with pre-pandemic numbers and general inflation.

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  8. Not sure which thread to post this in… but Shah Rukh, Deepika, and John did a press event for Pathaan and this was one of SRK’s quotes:

    We love each other, we joke with each other. We have fun with each other. Fun, entertainment should be left at that. Don’t take it more seriously. We all are one. All of us are loving each other and trying to make that love spread just to tell you in a very simple manner… this is Deepika Padukone, yeh Amar hain. Main Shah Rukh Khan hoon, main Akbar hoon. Yeh John hain, yeh Anthony hain. And this is what makes cinema.

    I literally squeeled at the Amar, Akbar, Anthony reference!!! 😘😘 It was the perfectly nostalgic, heartfelt, and so cutting!

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  9. If anyone’s interested, SRK and Pathaan team did a media interaction recently. Quite a bit is in Hindi, but it’s so good to see everyone happy! He ends it with such a good inclusive message, indirectly answering all the negativity.

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    • I was up till 6am watching it live (because I make such responsible life choices) and the whole thing was just pure love. At one point the fans in the back started chanting “Bharat ki shaan; Shah Rukh Khan!” and Deepika was wiping away tears… I don’t have the words to describe the feeling.

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    • Omg!!!!! This is amazing!!! And feels very much part of rebranding, or rather unbranding? I don’t know, but going back to the way Indian films were seen globally in 2000 and not since.


      • I feel you’re right about the rebranding part. Or more like reinforcing the brand maybe? Like Kainaat said, this has probably been in the works for a long time and they finally are planning to release it now that YRF has gotten a huge blockbuster again? The fact that they only announced it after Pathaan came out means something right…


  10. Do you know if there’s a way to join a SRK fan club from the US? I want to have the shared experience of being a fan, maybe visit Mannat and see SRK. Finding it hard to contain my emotions on my own


  11. Italian cinemas are adding new Pathaan shows this weekend because it earned over 10 ooo euro (Brahmastra earned 11.000 Euro in Italy, it looks like the same people watched both films ). The movie was supposed to be on screen only the last weekend but now I checked and there are new dates. Everywhere except Catania of course 😦 I emailed the cinema and they said they still haven’t fix the problem. I’m losing my hope because there are some new movies coming and Titanic will occupy some screens and there won’t be place for my poor SRK.

    And now an absolutely not related question, inspired by Jersey – which are the movies you hate with passion?


    • I was just thinking about this! Ta Ra Rum Pum is my MOST HATED film. And it’s by Sidharth Anand!!!! Who I now love! I guess he just can’t do rom-coms, He also did Bachne Ae Haseeno which I also hate.


      • Pathaan Update – seems that the movie was fixed and there is a new date, even worse than the last one if you ask me – tomorrow (Monday) evening. On one hand I want to go, but on the other I’m so tired and angry. Every other city has many shows and in better days, and we only this one stupid Monday evening.


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