Pathaan Discussion Post: References! What Did You Catch Besides K-K-K-Karen???

This is a request of Filmikudhi, who has SWORN she has things to add! Honestly, I only caught a couple myself, but it does FEEL like if there were more, lots of little background things I didn’t notice fast enough.

Okay, we have the moment when Shahrukh sings “Tu Hai Mere Karen”, which is awesome and obvious.

Now, what else is there I might have missed?


29 thoughts on “Pathaan Discussion Post: References! What Did You Catch Besides K-K-K-Karen???

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  2. I have so many and I am sure I missed some. Also, I apologize in advance if I didn’t get the dialogue exactly right. I hope others continue to add too this list!

    – Ghungroo toot gaye … ab naach (War – Song Gungaroo.Your anklet is broken… now dance)
    – Rakthbeej ko pakadna (might be “lena” or some other word) na mumkin hai (Don dialogue: Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai.)
    – Naaaah he’s not my type (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – Rahul’s dialogue: Naaah she’s not my tyype)
    – Bhaaag Pathaaan Bhaaag – (Karan Arjun dialogue: Bhaaag Arjun bhaaag)

    Bonus: Dialogues based on old movies
    – Teri pin marne ki aadat abbhi nahi gayi (Main Hoon Na end scene with Suniel Shetty)
    – Alvida Pathaan (Kabhi Alvida na Kehna – this one may be a stretch).
    – Baazi mere paas hai kyuki saare ikke mere paas hai (I think that is from Baadshaah but I may be confusing this one).

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    • I thought Pathaan said ‘I’m not her type’, referring to Karen when Rubina asks whether he plans to seduce her. Honestly, I missed some dialog because of a loud audience!

      Notable ones for me –
      Jim’s introduction has him whistling ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo’ – savage!

      I felt the Salman-SRK train sequence was an homage to Jai-Veeru in Sholay.

      Deepika mentions Laawaris and Khuda Gawah.

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      • Kainaat — I was hoping you would comment on this because I had a feeling you would be paying attention to the dialogues also!!! I think you are right on the Naaahhh I’m not her type. I was trying to remember these off the top of my head after the movie so I know I got some of them wrong.

        Definitely see the train being the Jai Veeru sequence.

        And yes.. thank you for reminding me of Laawaris and Khuda Gawah! I can’t wait to watch this again at home where I can jot down more references that I missed.

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    • I did spot the eye drops too.

      – The palms together through the glass reminded me a bit of the dividing glass wall in Zamaana Deewana’s Ab Hain Neend Kise. Only different circumstances.

      – Also Shah Rukh’s emotions show as he walked away to go to his shampoo appointment reminded me of the way he showed emotions at the end of Fauji. Mixed emotions of relief, elation, as if he was going to cry with happiness.


  3. I noticed a lot of visual parallels.

    Upside down car from Dilwale as Sal mentioned

    Fighting with a chain inside a train car reminded me of the first Don movie

    Hanging from the airplane cable with Deepika reminded me of Veer-Zaara

    Looking exactly like Samar in the Afghanistan flashbacks, right down to the head injury, can’t be a coincidence.

    Also the jacket he’s wearing at the cafe in Moscow is one he also wore as Aryan in Fan.

    I’ll probably notice more things when I see it again tomorrow.


  4. Gorgeous thread! Thanx, Margaret 🙂
    So, what can I add?
    The eyedrops (Raees, Dear Zindagi), the guy at the pc put into his eyes (early in the movie)
    Writing on the board (JOCR) = Chak De and Ra.One
    Falling to the ground in the vault = Fan
    Landing at Jim’s missile abode on the floor = Ra.One
    Dancing with Deepika in Beharam Rang with hat on the head = JTHJ
    Jim’s “Alvida” at the end fight where he doesn’t say “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna” but one gets the impression he thinks it.
    The colonel saying that Pathan listenes to his heart insted of rules (real life SRK)

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  5. There is a John Abraham callback in the movie. When he says “Agar hum pehle mile hote to shayad dost hote” which mirrors a dialogue from Dhoom when he and Abhishek meet each other


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  7. Jim flipping that coin-shaped medal while talking about baazi = Baazigar vibes

    I’m sure there were more I told myself to remember too but I guess my brain prioritised recording other things about the experience 😅


  8. The coolest meta reference for me was Pathaan’s origin story as a child orphaned in movie theatre & the country raising him(to be the biggest movie star India has ever produced). The Afghan family & the title in itself is a nod to SRK’s paternal ancestory ?

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    • Also where Deepika asks if he is a Muslim & he replied he doesn’t know what the country has nurtured him into is such an SRK thing to say. More than his movie references, the persona of SRK himself was referenced heavily throughout.


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