Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to Very SRK Valentine Week?

Happy Wednesday! OMG, I had so many work calls today. I’m technically still on a call, but its on pause so I’m writing this.

I’ll start!

Reading: My Dad sent me this, New Yorker spoof article which is ABSOLUTELY TRUE:

Watching: Did I tell y’all I’m watching The X-Files? If I didn’t, this is me telling you. Also, I’m seeing Pathaan again tomorrow night, and then one more time after that because I have other friends who have SWORN they will come with me once we work out the schedule.

Thinking: I’m redoing my kitchen! Ish. I used my Christmas money to get a new stove and a new fridge, because both of them came with the house and were a million years old and just limping along. And then I found a massive pantry cabinet thing online and I think I can get rid of the broken weird cabinets that came with the house and use a nice new piece of furniture for storage, plus the work cart table thing I had in my old apartment. Such a nice late winter project, ripping stuff out and building things and moving things and rearranging.

Listening: I am loving going back through the SRK catalogue for my song posts!!! One I didn’t include, but which is super catchy, “Ghunghte Main Chanda Hai”

And question for you! How are you celebrating SRK on this Valentine’s day?

I am considering either going to see Pathaan again, or staying home and giving cards to my SRK standees.


38 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to Very SRK Valentine Week?

  1. I’ve been on an SRK binge lately and I’m having a lot of fun watching Hindi movies again.

    Thanks y’all for telling me to watch Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani because it was such a fun watch! Kuch To Bata was stuck in my head for a couple of days after I saw the movie.

    I also did a rewatch of Kal Ho Naa Ho and Jab Harry Met Sejal and I’m currently halfway through rewatching my favorite, KANK. I was actually showing KHNH to my younger cousin who’s never seen it and she was more relieved that Shahrukh wasn’t cheating on Sonali rather than being upset that he was dying. Lol, kids these days!

    My question to y’all is what SRK movie, that I haven’t seen before, should I watch next? Some options are Baadshah, English Babu Desi Mem, Karan Arjun, Anjaam and One 2 Ka Four 🙂


    • Oooo! Baadshah would be my vote. Very silly, good songs, kind of stupid. EBDM is a slog, Anjaam is insane, One 2 ka 4 is fun but the plot doesn’t hold together.


    • KANK is your favorite!?! I had no idea that was possible. My distaste for that movie is so strong, I think it is the parent in me. I’m happy everything he does is loved though.


      • It’s actually tied with DDLJ and KKHH as my favorite but yeah it was one of the first Hindi movies I saw on my own and it connected with me. I think the whole terrible people still finding love concept is what really did it for me.


        • Anjaam is very dark. It’s the movie SRK got his “Best Villain” Filmfare award for and the only movie in which I actually find him scary and repulsive (which is impressive given how much I love him). Madhuri is also absolutely fantastic. For me, it was worth watching just for the acting performances, but I don’t mind dark movies. If you ever watch it, be prepared for scary, dark, and sad with shades of female empowerment via revenge.

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  2. So after the last watch a long I re-watched Plan A Plan B on Netflix. And then this week I was trying to watch the Rock’s Walking Tall, but the realistic violence made me stop not too far into it. I love choreographed dance violence, but anything, even if it is not shown but is implied, that feels real, I HATE. So then I tuned into Plan A Plan B again for a bit.

    And I was analyzing it more. I mean it is so CHEAP! A dialogue movie almost completely set indoors, 95% indoors. Basically a sitcom, but longer, and with a complete romance plot, and better acting. I guess it is an hour and 46 minutes long, but it feels like an hour and 15. But I wonder, if I could have understood the language would I like it as much? I mean with subtitles so much is left to facial expressions, and the dialogue could be klunky and I wouldn’t know. But regardless, it is a very nice sitcom of a movie to come back to when I need comfort, no surprises, no guesses, but a time pass I return to.


  3. Omg that song from Koylaa – it’s so dancy!!! I love SRK’s dance. I had forgotten about it. SRK on the chandelier way before salman was on the chandelier in didi tera devar deewana. And how we went from cheerful to this intensity so quickly in the end! My heart leapt. I love Madhuri too. Maybe I should watch this movie again. Sorry I answered none of your questions but I needed to gush


  4. I saw Pathaan for the fourth time tonight. This time it was actually my mom’s idea. During the scene when it looks like they’re about to kiss, as SRK turned away the lady sitting next to me said “oh thank god!”

    Thoroughly enjoying watching this on repeat. Just flying in over the audience on a pegasus because he can. Also I wish that version of Aye Meri Zohra Jabeen existed independently.

    When was the last time he posted at selfie on twitter? He seems to be feeling very loved and that makes me so happy.


  5. My Zee subscription is finally over , I managed to watch :

    Dictionary (bengali 2021) Sooooo boring. People just walking here and there without any sense and checking words in a dictionary in the end. Skip!
    (btw I must take a break from Bengali movies now, because I dreamed that our cinema made Ritwick Chakraborty’s film festival. )

    Bhavai (hindi 2021) Another super boring film. Slow and depressing in the end. Skip,Skip

    Main Viyah Nahi Karona Tere Naal (punjabi 2022) The first 20 minutes is pure, offensive trash – there is no bigger menace for good NRI boys than white women. They wear revealing clothes to seduce poor boys and then steal their property (The movie take place in Canada in December. Everybody wears coats, scarves and hats, but the white girls wear only mini skirts and sleeveless shirts). I continued watching only because I have a girl crush on Sonam Bajwra. And as soon as the story moved to Punjab and Sonam appeared it was like different film. Romantic and nice with beautiful clothes. I’m happy I kept watching.
    “Sonam Bajwra Insulting Men” – another from my favourite subgenres.

    And yesterday I saw 18 Pages on Netflix (telugu 2022). It was stupid at times (e.g the grandfather cleary has depression or some other mental problem, people want to take him to doctor, and the hero is like: he doesn’t need doctors, he just needs company), and the main actor can’t act at all (I was wondering whose son he is, but it turned out he is an outsider, I’m shocked how he got this role then), but overall the story was a little different and the ending was romantic so I enjoyed it.

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    • I think I might still have Zee active somewhere? I turned it on for Veere Di Wedding so I could show a friend, and I may just leave it on for that reason. Even if it’s only, like, 3 really good movies with subs available on it, I need to be able to share those movies with people!


      • I watched 10 movies on Zee, and enjoyed only 4 : Atithi Bhooto Bhava, with Jackie Shroff playing a ghost Bimbisala , Chaalbaaz and this punjabi movie. Everything except punjabi film, is on Einthusan.

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  6. Oh I forgot the western stuff I have seen – my husband and I watched Endeavour and we loved it. It’s fantastic (yeah, I know I’m late to the party). Unfortunately only 4 seasons are available in Italy, so now we started Inspector Morse, but it’s not the same. I shipped Morse and miss Thursday so much, and can’t believe the old Morse isn’t married to her! What a disappointment 😦

    I also saw Rosaline on Disney+ and liked it.
    And my son forced me to watch JoJo Rabbit and I hated it with all my heart.


  7. Is anyone planning to watch Shahid and Vijay Sethupathi’s new Amazon series, Farzi? If I recall correctly, this one is also written by Raj & DK.


  8. OH, started rewatching Shaandaar and the food song at the beginning really spotlighted how this movie is Karen Johar’s relationship with food and struggle for body acceptance on film. Even if he didn’t direct. The films’ entire over-the-topness makes me think he had a strong hand in it.

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    • I LOVE Shandaar. And agree about body issues and body positivity themes of it. It’s like Karan Johar and Dharma cranked up to 11 and it’s surreal at times. Such an underrated film with some great songs and Shahid and Alia looking hot and cute. Love Pankaj and his two kids acting together as well.

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  9. Reading: Of late I’ve been reading a lot of Mills and Boon, esp Penny Jordan. Part of it is nostalgia: my mum once got a whole stack of those really old ones with bright jewel colour backgrounds and beautifully painted covers, so I have a special place in my heart for vintage Mills and Boon. So I’ve been reading a lot of those and my favourite M&B writers so far are Penny Jordan, Sara Craven and Mary Burchell. I’ve managed to find a couple old books I’d been searching for years too.

    Watching: Jab Harry Met Sejal. I just finished my second rewatch and am thinking of doing a third tonight. I had a back condition that eventually culminated in surgery when that film came out, IIRC.

    Listening: Daniyal Zafar and Momina Mustehsan’s Muntazir, as well as Zehnaseeb from Hasee toh Phasee. Since I’ve gotten bitten by the M&B/Harlequin bug, I’ve seen listening to a podcast dedicated to Category Romances.


  10. I saw this new song today and became super obsessed with the upcoming movie the song is from. Kathir, who is one of the most handsome tamil actors, but always makes odd, dark movies, finally in something colorful and light (and he wears glasses!). I just couldn’t believe. And unfortunately it seems the movie won’t be light and nice, because I read it’s suppose to be Ishq (malayalam) remake. It was too good to be true 😦 At least the song is nice.


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