Weekend WatchAlong: Saturday Night, 7pm Chicago Time! Fan!!! Sorry, running slightly late!

This is one of those “if no one shows up after 15 minutes…” weeks. I always get nervous when I change the time around! Oh, and also Fan is kind of a hard watch, so that makes me nervous too.


Sorry folks, no Koyla! I really REALLY want to pick Koyla, but it’s in Zee5 limbo, and even einthusan only has it with no subs. So instead, substituting Fan!!!

At 7pm on Saturday, I will put up a post and a “And PLAY” comment. And hopefully somebody will be able to join me! If no one joins within the first 15 minutes, I’ll call it a night and switch to watching something happy šŸ™‚


51 thoughts on “Weekend WatchAlong: Saturday Night, 7pm Chicago Time! Fan!!! Sorry, running slightly late!

  1. Ooh neat! That is midnight for me I think so I might have to dip out after a bit, but I’ll try to make the first part.
    For future possibilities – I’ve streamed video onto the Discord chat app to host watch parties and it works great, if that would work for anyone? You can run the app inside a web browser on a pc, so you don’t have to install anything, just make an account.


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  3. Well I can make it! And it means some of my family will be FORCED to watch with me – I am looking forward to having spouse watch and ENTIRE Hindi movie (who am kidding, he won’t, but I’ll try).


    • I was thinking it might be something with my computer as I had trouble getting to the last thread during a watch-a-long, but at least I know it isn’t just me.


    • I made a crack earlier in the day that there was no way my husband would watch, and indeed he couldn’t sit down with us when we started because he had to run out and buy pellets for our pellet stove so we don’t freeze tonight. I mention this so that fellow Indian film lovers know my spouse, who won’t watch Indian films, does have many other redeeming qualities.

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  4. Okay, I’m gonna just start at half an hour in at 7:30! And then I will stay late and watch the first half hour with anyone else who wants tow atch it with me. So, we coordinate at 7:30=30 minutes into the movie.

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