Sunday WatchAlong: Sunday at 8am! Jab Harry Met Sejal! My Comfort Watch!!!!

Such a horrible week for me! But thank goodness, light at the end of the tunnel, I get to see Jab Harry Met Sejal. And also, spend most of tomorrow in bed. Heaven.

Jab Harry Met Sejal

Still on Netflix most everywhere, I think. Very accessible. Only downside is that we are JHMS OBSESSED, so I’m not sure we have anything new to say. Oh well, we can say the same old things to each other and they will feel new. It’s just such SUCH a good movie.

At 8am Chicago time on Sunday, I will put up a comments post and then an “and PLAY” comment, and we will all comment along from there!


12 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Sunday at 8am! Jab Harry Met Sejal! My Comfort Watch!!!!

  1. So the 8 year old has a cough and thus couldn’t see his grandfather who almost died of pnemonia last year. So we are at home, but if he gets better we won’t be Sunday. If I cannot attend – I want to profess my love of Sejal who I know is not everyone’s favorite. Anushka herself, while filming the character referred to her as not particularly “deep”. Sejal is young and immature but large of heart. And she is playing with Harry, who she feels is experienced and therefor unhurtable, but also who is in a servant role, so she assumes nothing real will happen. Thus playing into the servant dynamic that I find so fascinating. A dynamic that non wealthy Americans don’t understand but is everywhere in the rest of the world. Is JHMS where I first became fascinated in the servant dynamic?

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    • M, I’m SO excited!! I think this is the first time I’m participating in a watchalong here and it couldn’t be for a better movie.

      Also I agree with Genevieve. I relate so much to Sejal because there is so much that’s flawed about her but she has such an openness as a character to learning and change. She’s someone who embraces her dorkiness, her bigness, her directness. And honestly the fact that she tries too hard with a persona that’s not herself first, then drops it and embraces who she is…that’s so relatable.

      And what they did with the “servant” dynamic was so interesting too. Margaret and I discussed during the comments I was making this week on JHMS, about how a lot of the initial classism seems to be what she adopted from her family, and while she sometimes brings it up in defence (the cafe scene), once she begins to explore who she is, she refuses to accept that perspective of her dynamic with Harry either.

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  4. Margaret, I watched The Romantics last night in it’s entirety (everyone in the fam had plans but me – Whoohoo! and the entire time I was extra excited to come here to discuss, as there is no other group of people I know who would potentially care about this as much. Like seriously I think the entire premise is actually a therapeutic project for Uday. I don’t know how many ppl in America are on Netflix thinking, ok here’s a 4 hour piece in a guy I’ve never heard of, let’s do it. Have you watched yet? #yashji4ever


    • Oh man! I just can’t do it, I can’t watch and write the review this week. Tomorrow I have to call the insurance people again and start scheduling folks to repair the floor and ceiling where there is damage from the leak, and maybe look at getting a lawyer to fight with the dang delivery people. But next weekend I will be in CA with my friend! And we are ABSOLUTELY watching it.


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