Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the First Full Week of March???

Happy Monday!!!! I am so tired. 8 days in California, and somehow I already have jetlag. Or whatever it is called when you are in a different time zone and now you are in another time zone.

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “what movies did you watch with your friend?” to “are you watching a new release this weekend?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you have new questions!

Now, question for you! This is more of a Deep Question that arose while I was visiting my friend (who has a very different sleep schedule than me), Is Breakfast defined as being the first thing you eat after waking up, or something you eat before lunch time? If you sleep past noon, is your first meal Breakfast, or Lunch?

I feel STRONGLY that anything you eat after noon is Lunch. If you slept that late, too bad, you missed the breakfast window, you have to have a sandwich and a coke instead of a bagel and coffee.


20 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the First Full Week of March???

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  3. `
    The word is literally “break fast” so I could argue it’s the first meal regardless when eaten. But, I tend to agree with you about if it’s past noon it’s lunch.

    But then do have two more meals later? Dinner 1 and dinner 2? Or is it a two-meal day with no third meal?

    And what if you have a regular breakfast but then have a lunch/dinner combo at 3 PM (“dunch” or “linner” ?).

    And don’t get me started about English afternoon tea.

    I’m confused!


  4. I love that in my language hindi, i would just say khana and then the question of what to call it is irrelevant. I just realized even when I wake up late etc I just say time to eat, and no mention of what meal it is


  5. Because I have sugar issues, I follow intermittent fasting nowadays (so 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating but mostly a protein rich diet). So I have breakfast at 11 (and maybe a bit of green tea when I wake up), and my last meal is around 6.45 in the evening. I was nervous when I first tried it out but it was actually not as scary as it originally sounded. And I do feel a lot better. In the initial months I needed to cut down on carbs, so there was a lot of paneer, mushrooms, meat or fish, alongside whatever veg was in the house as long as they were not root veg.

    I tend to think of breakfast in terms of timings too. If it’s afternoon, then I will call it lunch. But technically I think any meal that breaks your “fast” that you took while sleeping, could be breakfast.

    Related to this my question is: what is your favourite breakfast food?


      • Yummm. Eggs are so versatile!! I don’t like having them boiled so I usually have them either scrambled with a bit of cheese or as an omlette. My fave egg recipe is a spinach mushroom omlette flavoured with some dried herbs, garlic and cheese (yes I love egg and cheese together haha). Another favourite I used to have often was a Parsi egg preparation called Akuri. It’s lightly spiced with onions and tomatoes and ginger-garlic, and they also add lightly fried potatoes to it. Yummm.


  6. I tend to consider anything after 11:30 as lunch, but I don’t feel STRONGLY.

    I have a brainypants friend, she is a professor at CAL. My father was also a professor at CAL, and yet, I am much more impressed with my friend who is a professor. Family often gets the short end of the stick – does that saying even make sense? REGARDLESS – Brainypants explained to me over Christmas that Some people have longer clocks and some people have shorter clocks, with regards to the 24 hour day. The short clock people are morning people, and fit in perfectly with society. The long clock people are UP at night and have a hard time waking up in the morning, and society hates them. She is a long clock person, from a family of long clock people. With her own parents she has given up ever making plans that start before 11 AM. Talking to her helped me take some of my judgementalness out of the whole unable to wake up thing. I’m a short clock – I like early mornings.

    My in-laws are here! And in the evenings we are watching TV together. Right now we are doing only Murders in the building, which they love, because it is awesome and who wouldn’t love Steve Martin and Martin Short together. Next we will probably watch Andor, because it is great. But I MIGHT be able to get them to watch an Indian movie between. Some years ago I already showed my mother in law JHMS – she called it a fantasy, which basically reminded me that people only know what they have experienced themselves. I was thinking maybe RRR because it is getting such good press, and I would like to force spouse to watch it? I don’t want to show them something I truly love, like Parugu because I would be too hurt if they have negative comments. Pushpa can get a bit confusing but it is so artistically filmed and Mother in law is an artist so I’m considering it. Any other ideas? I suspect they will be with us for two weeks to a month, so we’ve got time.


    • First, WOO!!! You got your in-laws to come live with you! That is SUCH an accomplishment!!! Congrats. I know weather played a part, but still!

      That clock thing makes total sense. I don’t know about you, but I have been a morning person literally my entire life. And I have a friend whose daughter, literally since birth, cannot fall asleep before 11pm and has to be dragged out of bed at 9am.

      For movies, hmmm. RRR and Chak De are pretty safe for everyone, although not very romantic or artistic. Bahubali? I know you haven’t liked it before but it is gorgeous. For gorgeous and romantic, there’s Jodha-Akbar. Kunnathil Muthamittal was just added to Netflix, it’s one of my all time favorites and makes me cry and cry and then feel warm and happy, but Angie hated it. Oh, and there’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham.

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      • I hate that the parents bring their daughter to a war zone and let her wander unsupervised on the streets and in the jungle full of terrorists. Who in their right mind does something like that?! I also cried at the end, because I have heart, but WTF.


    • I was going to say Chak De too because it’s uplifting and the sports story arc translates well. If you want to try something with more realism, I loved OK Kanmani and it has a lovely plotline with the grandparent-aged landlord caring for his classical singer wife. Also thought of Sarvam Thaala Mayam, which is scenically beautiful and has a nice romance, but the main plot is about a musician overcoming caste barriers through talent and persistence, and there’s a reality competition show angle that translates well for westerners. Or, for realism with family drama and lots to discuss, maybe Thappad?

      I am a long clock person! The more you know…

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  7. My answer to your question is that my first meal of the day is Breakfast. And it has to be breakfast-y. Even if it’s just a bagel and juice, the first thing I eat after I get up has to be something in that vein, not a sandwich.

    My question for you is also kind of a story. There are a few electronic billboards on my way to work. A lot of the stuff they show is pretty random, but they’ve also occasionally shown posters promoting new Hindi films. Yesterday, I saw they added a poster for TJMM to the rotation. They did it for Pathaan as well the week before it came out. But the last time I noticed a poster in the rotation was for Jayeshbhai. My question is: what do you think is the deciding factor for the billboard people in my area to put certain movie posters up but not others? It probably isn’t hype, because there was a full year and a half between Jayeshbhai and Pathaan with nothing. It’s probably not star power either, for the same reason. Could it be production house? I don’t think TJMM is a YRF production, and again, they tried to push so many releases in between Jayeshbhai and Pathaan that failed. What’s the pattern?


    • I think the posters are paid for by the movie theaters (although I’m not sure about that). I’m gonna guess that Pathaan being an SRK-YRF film made them take a gamble that promotions where worth it, and once it hit, they felt like theaters were on the rise again and they migt as well promote the next big film too.


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