Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on International Woman’s Day???

Happy Wednesday! I just had a nice long hot shower and I feel so nice. Showers are magic!

I’ll start!

Reading: This is a bit humiliating to admit, but I am obsessively reading coverage of the Vanderpump Rules cheating scandal. It’s just sooooooooooooooooo juicy, it’s like Indian film gossip level juicy.

Watching: I have now watched the documentary Mucho Mucho Amor on Netflix 3 times. It is sooooooooooooo nice. And pleasant and heartwarming and really everyone should watch it.

Thinking: In case you were wondering, kitchen is still a disaster. But I now finally have a fridge, and the Junk People are coming this weekend to take away the old cabinets, so things are moderately improving. But it’s still a crazy never ending project.

Listening: It’s International Woman’s Day!!! Time to listen to the “Dangal” rap song!

Now, question for you! I’ve picked “Dhaakad”, what is your go-to female empowerment anthem?


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on International Woman’s Day???

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  2. I keep watching telugu movies on Aha.
    I saw Family Drama. I think I have never seen a movie less expensive. There are like 5 little known actors + my fav Suhas and almost everything happens in one odd house. The main characters are all sociopaths and there is a LOT OF blood. The actors are good, and the climax is engaging but it not my kind of cinema at all. I only watched it for Suhas.

    Then I watched Love Story and it was full of great things but it didn’t make me melt inside and fall in love.

    And yesterday I watched Mukhachitram, and it was the best movie of the week. It has plot twists, a strong female character, love traingle and extended cameo of Vishwak Sen. I love all those things, so obviously I enjoyed this movie a lot. I also realized I may be in love with Vishwak, because I’m all smiles when he appears on screen (I’m also in love with Suhas, but not when he plays a sociopaths and serial killers)

    From other news: I’m learning to crochet and I’m very proud of myself. The first days was difficult because I didn’t even know how to hold the hook, but now I’m able to crochet few cm. My work is terrible and full of holes, but I’m very motivated and happy I finally started learning.


    • You should be proud of yourself for crocheting! I barely manage to struggle through enough for Christmas presents, and then I am so exhausted I stop for another 12 months


      • I’m only able to do simple chain and single crochet so far. I’m surprised by myself, because I’m a quitter , and normally I would quit after 2 first frustrating days, but for some reason I kept trying.


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  4. I’m so glad you finally have a good fridge!! Hope your kitchen gets back to full functioning order soon.

    Reading: RE-reading a Penny Jordan book. She’s one of my fave Harlequin writers.

    Listening: Queen! My favourite band, and I esp like Brian May’s songs. Prophets Song and White Queen being particular favourites.

    Watching: Soooo I managed to binge-watch Fauji!! I loved it! It’s just 13 episodes and young Shahrukh is an absolute dreamboat. The serial focuses a lot on the technical aspects of training to be commandos but in really interesting ways and the relationship between Shahrukh’s character and his brother was esp lovely. War features in the serial but the overall treatment is a light touch, while not at all being flippant about the realities of war. I can see why he became the popular TV star after this show.

    Thinking: About Punjabi Sufism because I have a thought in my mind that while Harry’s passion for music emerged from the fields of his home, I feel like he might have been drawn to that style of music as a teen and young adult. Esp considering that the singers they used to signify his home were the Nooran Sisters whose forte is Sufi music. I’ve been trying to read up about it.


    • Finally, someone managed to watch Fauji! Everytime I sit down to watch it, I run out of energy. But the SRK clips I’ve seen on youtube are super charming.

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  5. Well, if anyone wants to vent their frustrations…Ranbir had an interview, and HE IS RED FLAGS PERSONIFIED!!!

    Og interview:

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  6. I got the in-laws to see DDLJ – and they loved it. FIL loved the big dances! And then, because Akbar came up in conversation, we watched Jodha Akabar. And they liked it, FIL says we reallly need to work on our tents. He also wants to have flower petals to throw at all times, but MIL and I say servants need to appear with the flower petals to clean it all up. There isn’t really a great dance in Jodha Akbar though, so we saw Tu Meri on YouTube afterwards.


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