Sinus Infection Discussion Post: What Movie is Best For Making You Cry?

I’m dealing with a brutal sinus infection. So bad I thought it might be strep, but today it moved into my nose so I know it isn’t. Anyway, in addition to treating it with accupuncture and Eucalyptus essential oils and so on, I’m thinking I need a good flushing things out cry. What movies should I watch for that?

Kannathil Muthamittal just hit Netflix, and it is my all time greatest crying one. Like, when I was writing up my review, I had to stop typing for a bit because I was crying so hard I couldn’t see the keyboard.

So I’m gonna watch that one now and have a nice cleansing sob, but what else would you suggest? What’s a good “crying like my whole head is leaking” kind of movie?


23 thoughts on “Sinus Infection Discussion Post: What Movie is Best For Making You Cry?

  1. For me:

    Piku – the end gets to me, even though I cry with a smile
    My Name Is Khan – I have been able to see it two or three, but I know I will cry if I see it again
    Sanam Teri Kasam – because I am a sappy romantic
    Devdas 2002 – same reason as above, the book is its own thing as far as I am concerned
    Qala – the end hits you hard, and I think I cried for like an hour afterward
    Raavanan – I WILL CRY every time, and this is the reason Chiyaan-Aishwarya Jodi is so dear to me
    Atrangi Re – my comfort film
    Sairat – for obvious reasons
    Omkara – is based on ‘Othello’ so it obviously is a tragedy
    Pinjar – the ending, once again
    Badhaai Do – is just heartwarming and cry-worthy all around

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  3. Vedam( telugu)
    I’ve cried at every single watch and I don’t cry easily. ‘ Uppongina sandram la’ is one of my favorite songs;the part where it’s played in the movie moves me every time.

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  5. Entire films: MNIK, of course. Jogi made me cry throughout, except the romantic song that everyne else moaned about but I sorely needed to not die of dehydration. Oh and Veer Zara, but I seem to remember you not liking that?

    Songwise Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe from 3 idiots and Bhagwan Hai Kaha Re Tu from PK can both make me sob in under 1 min.

    Endings mostly/only: QSQT, Bajrangi Baijaan and Fanaa.

    Hope you feel better soon!


  6. Taare Zameen Par. My sister and I were on our way to India one time and someone was playing the movie next to us on the plane. We couldn’t even hear anything and yet, we were both crying hysterically.

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  7. My Name is Khan, esp the Wilhelmina section where Mama Jenny, the people and the reporters see the mass of volunteers emerge from the floods, to the background of Allah Hi Rahem. I always get such a lump in my throat I think because there is something so Biblical, so Old-Testament-Exodus-reminding about the treatment of that sequence. But overall there are moments in that film that make me cry loads.

    Celluloid did make me cry but it did such a good job of that that I never saw it again. It left me feeling too raw. Ayalum Njanum Tammil I always avoid the section featuring the marriage of Prithvi’s girlfriend for the same reason. Actually had they not done such a rushed job for the ending I’d have definitely recommended this for a crying jag. It’s such a good film.

    Chak De India, esp the beginning and the ending.

    Often with films I have moments where I have a lump in my throat rather than an all-out crying jag…like in Sound of Music when Captian Von Trapp stops singing Edelweiss on stage because his throat is too clogged with the emotion of his loss, and his family and then his entire country joins him in this final farewell to his country. Or in KANK, when Shahrukh and Rani have their final meeting before breaking up, and it’s a moving inverse to the first time they talked to each other as friends.

    Depictions of passionate devotion also move me a great deal, so a sequence like the end of Shirdi wale Sai Baba where the devotees suddenly increase their singing in an ecstatic state while Bharathi crawls towards the image of her little children…that gets me every time.

    Also musically, Freddie Mercury’s final vocal in the song “Mother Love”, after which his bandmate Brian May sings the final verse…that makes me REALLY cry.


  8. Today I read the plot of My Girl and I teared up without ever seeing the film, I also resolved I was never going to see the film or show it to my children. ( I was searching for family films – found Apollo 10 1/2 and we LOVED it!) And like everyone else I also cried during MNIK.

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    • You made the right call. That film traumatized me as a child!!! I am pretty sure the reason I always want to know how a movie ends before watching it, is because of My Girl. I went into it blind and it was HORRIBLE!

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      • On the one hand I understand preparing humans for grief by showing them that life continues afterwards. Grandparents die. Death is real. Accidents do happen. But the odds of your best friend dying when you are a child are VERY LOW. So I don’t fully comprehend WHY humans would spend millions of dollars to make a film whose main purpose (according to the Wikipedia plot I read) is to make people cry.

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  9. First of all: Wishing you a very quick recovery!!

    Second: I would definitely say My Name is Khan, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Swades, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Taare Zameen Paar, Jab We Met, Lootera, Neerja and Bajraangi Bhaijaan are BIG tear-jerkers for me!!


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