Sunday WatchAlong: Baazigar! 8am Chicago Time!

Happy Sunday! I’ve got coffee ordered and being delivered shortly, the sun is out, Albie Dog has been fed, let’s do this thing! With the usual priviso that if no one shows up within the first 15-20 minutes, I cancel.

Baazigar! O Baazigar!

This is either the first or second SRKajol movie, I can never remember which. Definitely Shilpa Shetty’s first film. And it’s crazy and 90s and cute and over the top and all good things. Also, available for rent on Prime.

At 8am Chicago time, I will put up an “And PLAY!” comment and we will go along from there!


336 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Baazigar! 8am Chicago Time!

  1. While Shahrukh stumbles around, I will share my idea for a sequel. Kajol is running the corporation and taking care of SRK’s Mom and being AWESOME. And then a stranger shows up and starts romancing her and she resists. And TWIST, he is ACTUALLY IN LOVE WITH HER. It seems like another elaborate con, but in reality he fell in love at first sight, researched her, learned about her messed up past, and realized he had to do a lot of legwork to make her fall in love. So he, like, show’s up pretending to be SRK’s longlost cousin here to visit his Mother, but it’s a lie just to get close to Kajol.

    Maybe it’s actually Cop Karan, who was rejected years ago, got extensive plastic surgery and a make over and became rich, and now is back to win her.


  2. So what do you think, does Kajol end up with the cop? I mean she is penniless now right? I suppose I should read your sequal idea, but I have to read the subtitles aloud to the 8 year old.


  3. Does he die in this movie?
    What? At what time.
    Like right now.
    He’s speaking his last words. Um maybe you should get him to the doctor!


  4. I think it is Kajol’s turn to go crazy like the mom did earlier, because um, her whole life of humans is now dead, and not just dead, they killed EACHOTHER!


  5. Well that was LOVELY! A very long start to the day, but I got to shower and walk the dog in the middle, so it worked out fine.


  6. The guy stabbed him with a pole and then he ran at the guy to stab him with the pole? I want to bonk some stuff now . -The 11 year says as he picks up the infant toy with a hammer.


  7. Grandma is asking how the movie was recieved, so I will have to find some pages on your blog to show her. Computers are not her strength. She and the kids are now talking about how many people he killed, and wether or not all the goons died.


    • I showed Grandma Hindi Film 101 One-Off: A Tour Through Shahrukh’s Filmography, and now she wants to see Darr. So we are watching Darr, or they are. I’m gonna put on clothes and garden, I can’t sit still for two movies. But thinking about it, I guess I like Baazigar more because of Kajol. I just love Kajol. I LIKE Juhi, but I LOVE Kajol.


  8. Thank you for the watch along Margaret! I feel bad for the folks who wanted to watch Darr and Koyla, but now my family will have a lot to talk about!


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