Dilwale Review 3 (4?5? I’ve lost count): No Spoilers! Open to All

No spoilers!  Unless you count generalized comments about narrative structure as spoilers.  If you are that one person who goes to a movie thinking “oo, oo!  I wonder if it will have multiple storylines with subsets of character types, or all be one cohesive plot!”, then don’t read this.

So, having now seen it twice, in theaters, I think I figured out how it was put together.  So, back in like June, Shahrukh announces he and Kajol are going to be releasing a movie with Rohit Shetty at Christmas.  And then poor Rohit Shetty had to actually figure out a way to write a script, film a movie, promote it, edit it, and release it in 6 months.

He could take the schedules Kajol and Shahrukh could give, enough to film maybe a 90 minute movie, and make a really really short, but also really pretty good film.

Or he could have said “No!  I can’t make a movie in 5 months, that’s INSANE!!!!  I’m changing the release schedule, bumping it to next year, and making a good 2 hour plus film with a full plot!”

But instead, he chose the 3rd option, saying “well, I’ll make that 90 minute love story film, and then over here, I’ll make another 90 minute film with a bunch of comedians who basically just show up and riff off each other in funky costumes. And then I will take a week before the scheduled release and real quick just violently shove them together!”

So, I’m still going to highly recommend Dilwale (if nothing else, a vote for Dilwale is a vote for free speech!), but I want to clarify that I am recommending it for the 90 minute action-love story movie buried within it, not that other movie that is weirdly slapped on top.

12 thoughts on “Dilwale Review 3 (4?5? I’ve lost count): No Spoilers! Open to All

  1. I like the comedy part! Although I thought the speech about mercenary girlfriends was super weird. Is that actor known as a stand-up comic or something?


  2. Hi, as per your comment “no spoilers”: I vote not to submit to the totalitarian pressure of spoilerism, and say what we want to say. I’m fed up of this diktat, which simply panders to the cinema industry’s incapacity of making movies without suspense.


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