News Round-Up: PC is Better than Yoko, Malaika is Not Getting Married, and Rohit Shetty Might Remake Satte Pe Satte (which of these stories is true? Or none of them?)

I’m ignoring the story about Kalank raising ticket prices because it includes super depressing comments like “movies are for rich people”. Instead, fun stories! PC with her usual ridiculous PR, Malaika and the wedding happy-happy, and a remake I am genuinely excited about.

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Friday Classics: Singham!!!! A Nice Bright Happy Violent Movie

Well, this movie is just as good as I remembered! Okay, middle bit is kind of confusing and boring, but it only lasts about 20 minutes and then we can move on.

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Golmaal Again Review (SPOILERS): Better Than Secret Superstar

What a fun movie!  Sure, not all the jokes landed for me, but a fair number of them did.  And the cast was clearly having a great time.  And most of all, the filmmakers knew what they were doing!  I could relax and let go and be aware that I was in capable hands.  And to talk about that, I need to get into SPOILERS.  Which kind of matter for this movie, so if you think you might see it in theaters, maybe read the No Spoilers review instead.

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Golmaal Again Review (No Spoilers): Spookily Good

Two movie weekend!  Secret Superstar Friday night, Golmaal Saturday afternoon.  And it was So Much Fun!!!!  Not a great movie, not by any means, but a very fun silly movie.  I liked it, the two young men sitting behind me liked it, the big family sitting in front of me liked it, and the little boy of the family really really liked it.

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Dilwale vs Everything Else in the World (do we still call it an “Homage” when it is shot for shot the same?)

So, after my second Dilwale viewing, I really started to notice the, shall we call it “borrowing” from other media products?  I caught exact matches with How I Met Your Mother, Love Actually, and P.S. I Love You.  This is different from the other “borrowing” Indian films do, the subtle winks to the audience because they know you know they know where it came from originally.  Like in Johnny Gaddar, when our hero solves his alibi issue by watching an Amitabh movie and realizing he can use the same tactic.  No, this is when you use the best part of a little known western pop culture product, hoping that no one will catch you at it.

Sometimes this feels kind of naughty and gleeful, like when Salaam-E-Ishq lifts the best part of an old Doris Day and Rock Hudson movie, because how many people in the world will have seen both (just me, probably.  But you should really watch Send Me No Flowers!  Tony Randall is brilliant in it).

(Really, watch it!  It’s fun!)

But in this case, it is really really recent films, and fairly well-known (in the West) moments from them.  It’s not like the director hunted through his vast video library to find something really good, or like he fell in love with something he stumbled across on TV at 3am and decided to sneak it into the film.  This is feels more like a college student pulling an all nighter trying to finish a final paper and giving into temptation and just cutting and pasting from wikipedia.

I would actually be, like, angry and disappointed about this, but on the other hand, 5 months!  Rohit Shetty only had 5 months to make a whole movie!  So I’m more on the side of “if the Professor assigns an impossible workload, he should expect students to cheat a little!”

(by the way, this article has a few more I missed.  But I caught P.S. I Love You and they didn’t, so I can still hold my head up high.  Be warned, they go into some detail which might spoil something for you!)

Dilwale Review 3 (4?5? I’ve lost count): No Spoilers! Open to All

No spoilers!  Unless you count generalized comments about narrative structure as spoilers.  If you are that one person who goes to a movie thinking “oo, oo!  I wonder if it will have multiple storylines with subsets of character types, or all be one cohesive plot!”, then don’t read this.

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Dilwale Box Office report-Rohit Shetty’s opinion

So, I saw a link through Times of India to an interview with Rohit Shetty about Dilwale box office.  If you don’t want to bother following the link, here are the big take aways:

  1. Dilwale box office is dropping off through the week with Bajirao crawling ahead (nooooooo!  The horror!  I must buy more tickets!)
  2. Shetty thinks the slow start for Dilwale is more because of the last minute ban in Rajasthan and Madra Pradesh, which apparently caused about 40 % of theaters in those states to pass on the film, than any competition from Bajirao opening the same day.
  3. He was working on post-production and editing up to the release date, and the whole film start to finish was put together in 5 months.

So, what do we learn from this?

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