Dilwale Scene By Scene Index

Why I didn’t do this from the start, I don’t know.  It takes way way longer to update each post, or for you to search through the archives, than for me to just have one place to find everything.  So, starting with the first film that got full massive coverage, I bring you, THE DILWALE INDEX!!!!!


First Review

Second Review

Third Review

Comparison Posts:

Dilwale vs Darr

Dilwale vs K3G

Dilwale vs Dushman

Dilwale vs Trimurti

Scene By Scene:

Part 1: Beginning

Part 2: First Fight

Part 3: Kali Arrives

Part 4: Gerua

Part 5: Missing Premika

Part 6: Ramlal and Pogo

Part 7: Ending!

11 thoughts on “Dilwale Scene By Scene Index

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