Dilwale is Now Available Streaming! Which means…..Fanvids!

I saw a thing about Dilwale being available so soon on streaming, because Shahrukh wanted to make it available for the international audience who didn’t get it in their countries ASAP, even faster than DVDs could get there.  And by what I can see on youtube, he definitely has an international audience, and they definitely started streaming the movie IMMEDIATELY.  And then illegally ripped the files and started making their own fanvids.

A Dilwale fanvid that isn’t SRKajol! The Horror! But it’s still kind of fun, and actually it may give me an idea for another fanvid post tomorrow.

A SRKajol/Dilwale fanvid that uses a Salman song! I love the chutzpah! Although it doesn’t go all the way, this is one of those songs that Salman actually sang himself, wouldn’t it be awesome to make Salman sing a love song for Shahrukh and Kajol?

Kajol is SO COOL in Dilwale! Her character totally deserves her very own fanvid.

This one is just dreamy. Both in the traditional adjective, as in “dreamlike”, and in the more 1950s slang, as in “he’s just so dreamy!”

And finally, this isn’t actually a Dilwale Fanvid, but shouldn’t it be? I am sure at some point in the next few weeks, there will be one that pops up using this song.

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