Various Authorized non-FanVid Song Videos: Kapoor and Sons, Ki and Ka, and Dilwale

Karan just released yet another Kapoor and Sons song video on his twitter this morning, and there have been a whole bunch of other song video releases I didn’t even notice (because Karan didn’t tweet them), but I should really talk about.  Because it’s almost Cricket season, authorized song videos are going to be all we have to entertain us for a while.

First, Kapoor and Sons!  Two songs now out.  The first one is a party song, but set at a house party, not a disco.  Which is kind of different.  And I like the loose and friendly sort of vibe between Siddharth and Alia, more “Pappu Can’t Dance” than “Blame the Night“.


And then today, like 6 hours ago, Karan released the love song, “Bolna”.  And isn’t that an interesting title!  If it is indeed a movie about a love triangle in which one person is gay, having the love song be titled “Say it” is pretty on point.  The video is very carefully edited, and I don’t know if I believe that any of the relationships it seems to be implying are going to end up in the actual film.  But based on this, it looks like Siddharth is in love with Alia, Alia is maybe in love with Fawad, and Fawad is in love with white walls?  Floaty curtains?  It’s hard to tell.


The other big upcoming release, Ki and Ka, also came out with a video.  R. Balki!  Getting so marketing minded!  If you think about his other movies, he doesn’t really use songs in a big way.  They are there, but they kind of disappear into the story.  And this one is definitely a Song with a capital S.  But it is also clearly just a promotional video/ending credits thing, not actually going to be part of the narrative.  But I like it!  Kareena looks great, Arjun makes silly faces, and everything Yo-Yo touches is Gold.


The biggest news so far as I am concerned is that Sony finally posted the film version of “Janam Janam”, not just the promotional one, and I like the film version so much better!  That moment when Shahrukh marches up the stairs like he is leading a Kajol army is super good!

4 thoughts on “Various Authorized non-FanVid Song Videos: Kapoor and Sons, Ki and Ka, and Dilwale

  1. Dear Lady

    There is a novel length Dilwale novelisation on AO3

    If you’re into fanfic at all, it’s worth a read.

    It fills out all the story elements that were missing from the film.

    Reading it with SRKajol in your head REALLY REALLY works

    Here’s the link, in case you wanted a peak (It’s over 90K words if you include both parts of the story!!!!!!!!)


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