More News: Kangana-Hrithik gets weirder, Amitji and Jayaji’s roles in Ki and Ka revealed, and Jagga Jassoos May Actually Be Released

I am so enjoying this Kangana-Hrithik story.  It’s the perfect kind of celebrity scandal where it crosses the line from “they’re just like us!  Oh, now I feel bad about their problems” to “This is something that would never ever happen to a regular person and I feel no guilt about watching it.”  Oh, and there is some minor industrial non-gossipy news happening as well.

(Another favorite part of the Kangana-Hrithik story, thanks to Krrish 3 there are a plethora of really odd looking pictures of the two of them)

First, Hrithik and Kangana!  From Hrithik’s side, supposedly he has officially filed a police report with the Cyber Crimes unit against an impersonator using the email “”.  Which is the email Kangana claims he was writing to her from.  Hrithik says that this “impostor” was writing to Kangana and also various fans, claiming to be him.  So if you have been having a passionate exchange with Hrithik after he liked a post you made on Facebook about Krrish 3, maybe check the email, it might not really be him!

Meanwhile, Kangana’s lawyer is threatening Hrithik that, if he releases the supposedly thousands of emails she has sent him, they will file a police report under “67 (publishing of information which is obscene in electronic form, section 499 and 500 (defamation and subsequent punishment) and section 506 of Indian Penal Code (punishment of criminal intimidation to impute unchastity to a woman)”.  I am totally stealing “impute unchastity,” by the way!  Great phrase.  I still have no idea who I believe, or rather, who I believe more (I am sure they are both telling lies mixed with truth), but I am very much enjoying the show!  Oh, and Hrithik’s most recent statement, in full, is available here.

Oh, and then there are two considerably more boring news items.  First, the Bachchan appearance in Ki and Ka!  Which was hyped for a while, and then put on the backburner, and is now being hyped a little again.  Apparently, they will be playing themselves.  Or, I suspect more accurately, some version of themselves.  It is being related to Amitabh’s appearance in English/Vinglish.  Where he played a smooth and kind and wise world traveler, who certainly could have been Amitabh Bachchan.  But I don’t think he was ever addressed by name or did anything that would definitely indicate he was playing himself.  So I wouldn’t call it so much “playing himself” and just “being himself.”

Either way thought, I am excited to see the Bachchan’s onscreen together again, especially playing an older married couple!  I am assuming/hoping it will play the same way as Rishi-Neetu in Love Aaj Kal or Jab Tak Hain Jaan, or Shahrukh and Tabu in Saathiya or Shammi Kapoor and Suchma Seth in Kareeb (does anyone but me remember Kareeb?  Okay movie, one incredibly charming song).


That is, they will show up as the couple that has been through it and come out the other side to act as an example/advice giver to Arjun and Kareena.  My dream scenario would be if they addressed the initial gender imbalance in their own real life relationship, how Jaya was the big success and famous person when they first got together.  But that probably won’t happen.  Either way, they are always adorable onscreen together, so I am pumped about them playing any version of a couple!

And in other boring industrial news, Ranbir has made a statement that, yes, Jagga Jasoos is still going to happen, even though he and Katrina can’t stand each other now, filming is almost completed and the trailer/First Look will be released next month.  Hmm.  I’ll believe it when I see it.


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