Happy Mother’s Day! Some Songs to Help You Celebrate!

Happy Mother’s Day!  An Indian filmi holiday if there ever was one!  Except not, because why have a special holiday if everyday is Mother’s Day?  I’ll be putting up a few more posts on the same theme today, but to start off, have some songs!

So may options!  I’ll think I’ll just start off with songs that actually have “Maa” in the chorus, and go from there.  Luckily, Mother’s Day happens every year, so I can always add on.

1. Well, this seems obvious, right?  But it’s so good!  And it does such a good job of showing the confusion of the child, and the pain of the mother.


2. Let’s lighten things up a little!  Remember when sometimes mothers are wrong and kind of funny, instead of heartbreaking.


3. And back to serious!  And patriotic also.  This is Rahman’s arrangement of “Vande Mataram”, but with the “Maa Tujhe Salaam” refrain, it’s really appropriate for Mother’s Day too, right?  And this is my favorite version, which also seems kind of Mother’s Day appropriate with the fresh-faced college boys singing it.


3. Ready to get sad again?


5. And then for a real one-two punch to end things, check out this super sad one.


6.  Followed by a silly one with the same actress!  All happy and not wanting her mother at all!


And, bonus:


1 thought on “Happy Mother’s Day! Some Songs to Help You Celebrate!

  1. I hate songs on mums – tears are always expected 😦
    Missing mum right now – it sucks moving out.

    Look forward to more posts on that theme.

    “Mumma” from Dasvidaniya (or something like that) is also really sweet!


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