SRKajol FanVids, My Bedtime Comfort Food!

In my last fanvid post, I tried really hard to break out of my rut and move past the SRKajol fanvids that I have been watching every night before I go to bed since college.  But that was so haaaaaaaaaaaard!  I needed something to reassure me after all that, so I went right back to the SRKajol fanvid teat.

Okay, so sometimes I just want to see a straight Shahrukh video, without Kajol or anyone else.  Also, I really like this video.  Especially all the Knight Rider footage.  He just looks so cool in those promo videos!

I LOVE this one!  It really does perfectly encapsulate part of what is so wonderful about Kajol’s characters onscreen, and what makes Shahrukh (onscreen) love her so much.

And time to slow it down a little.  I’m not in love with the song used here, but I am very impressed with the variety of clips (I think I see Deewana in there along with a couple of ad shoots), and with how well they match the background music.

Another one where I am less in love with the song (although it is perfectly thematically appropriate) than I am with the clips and they way the match the background music.

I know it’s stupid, but I actually own the Top Gun soundtrack.  So I was very excited to find this video!  And I also love how perfectly it grabs the moments when they really do take each other’s breath away!

I’ve totally seen other fanvids that use this song, but I like this one best.  Putting it in Shahrukh’s voice is PERFECT!  And I love the song, and uff!  It just gets me!

So, this one is the reverse of the ones above.  The visuals don’t totally sell me (I always have a hard time with My Name is Khan clips thrown into these things, that movie is so dark it kind of pulls me out of the fantasy), but I love the idea of using the song.


This one, I like the visuals and the song.  My only complaint is that it is too short!  Well, and also sad.  I just want Kajol to be happy!

Okay, here’s another one I mostly like.  Although I find it a little odd when people mix the real life clips into these things, makes it a little too much like the fantasy is that SRKajol are in love in real life.  Which might be slightly too much even for my crazy level of fandom.


Okay, another one that uses My Name is Khan clips.  But I will allow it, because of my secret weakness for Taylor Swift, and how perfectly the clips match the lyrics.


And finally, a nice simple one, just uses clips from the big 3 movies with a nice straightforward love song, and yet I love it!


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