Trailers! Trailer Trailer!!! Baar Baar Dekho, Happy Bhaag Jayegi, and Flying Jatt

So, Baar Baar Dekho trailer finally dropped today, which made me take a look at a couple of other trailers for movies I am less excited about that have been out for a while.

The Flying Jatt, which I knew about and yet somehow have never gotten around to watching the trailer.  Looks fun!  I like that they are giving the hero more to do than just be “Hero”.  It looks like there will be a period of figuring out his powers and making comic mistakes and being kind of a joke, while at the same time the love story will be fully serious and mature, and in the end he will fully come into his powers and be serious and noble taking on the bad guy.


Love the supporting cast too, Amrita Singh is getting increasingly awesome in all her mother roles (although having her play Tiger’s mother is giving me weird Aaina flashbacks).  LOVE Kay Kay Menon as a villain!  Reminding me very much of ABCD, where he went super over the top and amusing in his evilness.  And, as I said in my Dishoom review, I find Jacqueline a delightful screen presence.  Not so sure about Tiger himself.  It’s a great role for his physical flexibility, but I’m not 100% sold on him being able to pull off the comic parts of the film, and the serious romance.

The Jatt/Sikh part though, that is fascinating!  That part of him turning into a serious hero is putting on a turban and stopping shaving.  That he has the Khanda burned onto his back.  It’s a great title, “The Flying Jatt”, but it feels like they might also be treating his religion seriously, as part of his character, similar to the way it was handled in some parts of Patiala House.


Moviemavengal sent me the link to the Happy Bhaag Jayegi trailer, and I love it!  I might be more excited about this rom-com than I am for Baar Baar Dekho.  Partly because I love the cast, a love triangle between Jimmy Shergill and Abhay Deol!  I am THERE!!!  And Diana Penty seems nice, I’m glad she is still getting work after Cocktail.  She just kind of disappeared there for a while.


But I really love the set-up!  So simple, a bride runs away from her groom, her boyfriend loses track of her, and a third guy has to help her get back to him. And then the question is, will she pick the groom, the boyfriend, or this new guy?  Actually, that’s kind of Jab We Met, right?  Which I LOVE.  All the details will be different, especially the twist that she ends up in Pakistan and the guy helping her get home is Pakistani, but I bet there will be the same idea that, since she thinks her choice is between the boyfriend and the groom, she will see the third guy as just a friend and a means to an end.  Which means they will get to have a much more honest and open relationship than she has with all the other guys.  Genius!


And then there’s Baar Baar Dekho.  Which looks very high concept.  Similar to the American fantasy romances like About Time or The Time-Traveler’s Wife.  Or, Click, which was mostly stupid but had some good ideas.  Also, in a tiny industrial development news, the trailer is released exclusively on the ErosNow website, which is interesting synergy between the Eros distribution wing, and the website.  And also means I can’t embed the video here, you have to click this link.

Okay, are you back?  Have you watched it?  No subtitles, but it looks pretty straight forward.  Siddharth and Katrina are getting married, they have a fight on the day of their wedding, which probably involves Siddharth saying something about wishing this day could just be over and they could move on with their lives, and then Siddharth suddenly jumps into the future 2 years, they are married and settled.  And then again, and they are buying their first house, and again, and he is in his 40s, and so on and so on.  And the future seems mostly happy, but also maybe they fight some of the time?  Like I said, no subtitles.  And then somehow Siddharth gets back to the present day and decides to relive it, but right this time, enjoying every moment.

I think this is the first time Indian film has done this kind of magical realism science fiction kind of thing.  Of course, there was Love Story 2050, but that was more of just a straight up travel to the future plot.  It looks interesting, but I wish they had used the technique to tell a story that was a little more “Indian”.  For instance, wouldn’t it be brilliant if this was an arranged marriage?  If the bride and groom had just met and didn’t know each other, and were thinking about breaking the engagement?  And the travel to the future let him get to know her and see how wonderful their married life would be, and he came back to the present day determined to convince her that it could work out?  I know, that would be basically a completely different film, but it would feel a little more unique than just a story of a boy and girl who love each other and are stressed out at their wedding.

5 thoughts on “Trailers! Trailer Trailer!!! Baar Baar Dekho, Happy Bhaag Jayegi, and Flying Jatt

  1. Amrita Singh has done good in her second innings.For more Jackie-Amrita flashbacks don’t forget to see Aurangzeb(yes I’m recommending it once again 🙂 ) where she’s Jackie’s mistress and business consultant.Oh,she also runs an escort service on the side and makes sure that Jackie’s son Arjun is hooked up on drugs and stays away from the business.Arjun returns her feelings and always needles her -especially by calling Nina-ji with a special emphasis on ji.

    She’s also magnificent as Vivek’s mom in Shootout at Lokhandwala.Tiny role but she impresses when she wouldn’t fold down when the police try to put pressure on Vivek via her.


    • I really should see Aurangzeb, shouldn’t I? Just for that cast, Arjun in his second movie, Amrita being awesome, Prithviraj, Sikander Kehr, etc. etc. But it looks so dark! Both literally and figuratively. I’ll wait until I’m in a really cheerful mood and then tackle it.

      I had no idea she was playing mother roles as early as 2007! Although, it looks like there is an 18 year age gap between her and Viviek, so I guess it makes sense. I still haven’t seen Shootout at Lokhandwala, although I have watched “Ganpat” about a thousand times, so it feels like I have.


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