Happy Birthday Vyjantimala! How Cool is It That You Share a Birthday with Sridevi?

So cool!  It’s like, August 13th is “Day of great dancers with big eyes and sweet smiles”.  I did 13 reasons I love Sridevi, I am sure I can come up with 13 for Vyjantimala!

1.I love you because you danced before the Pope when you were 5 years old, already an accomplished classical dancer.

2. I love you because, like Sridevi, you debuted as a heroine at age 13.

3. I love you because your first dramatic intense performance was Chandramukhi in Devdas at age 22, and you won a FilmFare Award for it.

3. I love you because you refused a FilmFare Award for Chandramukhi in Devdas, because you were offered “Best Performance in a Support Role” and you did not believe yours was a supporting role.

4. I love you because you kept working into your 30s, instead of marrying and retiring like most young actresses do.

5. I love you because you had the second great performance of your career in Sangam, at age 31, playing a character with the kind of strength and depth a younger actress could never convey.

6. I love you because you got married and retired at 35, never to return to film, despite constant offers, happy to pursue new passions and interests, while still showing up at the occasional film event to support old friends with your ever present smile.

7.7. Now, the fun part!  I love you because you don’t need to be dancing to emote in a song.


8.8. I love you because you can do western dance, as well as classical.


9.9. I love you because your training was in Carnatic dance and music, and yet you also succeeded at mujra dance styles in Devdas.


10. I love you because you made everything stop to watch you dance for almost ten minutes during the finale of Jewel Thief, and I didn’t even mind!


11. I love you because you starred in an ambitious historic epic, but were still willing to do a sexy song number in it.


13. And finally, I love you because your last released movie has this AMAZINGLY EPIC dance off between you and Helen!

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