News Round-Up: On Set Photos, and Dil Se

This is all from twitter, basically.  Sometimes, that’s all you need!  The stars give you your stories directly.

First, Shahrukh in Prague!  First looks at the Imtiaz Ali movie, now semi-officially titled The Ring!  It’s filming in Prague?  Huh.  I feel like SRK filmed in Prague before, but maybe I am imagining that?  Or maybe he did, and really really liked it and now is back.  Or maybe it was Imtiaz’s idea?

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Pretty in Prague…

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Huh.  The Internet says that it is both!  Duplicate, of all things, was filmed in Prague.  As was Rockstar.  So it’s old home week for both of them.  Also, can you think of any two films less similar than Duplicate and Rockstar?  Also, guess which one I liked better! No, it wasn’t the deep character study with the sneaky controversial political message, it was the one with the goofy cartoon eyes in the love song.


Oh, and Anushka is there too.

And here are some more set photos NOT from official instragram accounts.  The one I find most interesting is below.  Very “businessman who is a little cool and modern but still kind of serious, while on a business trip in Prague.”  Knowing Imtiaz, I think we can all safely put our money on a random meeting between Shahrukh and Anushka who then have a magical time together while traveling, followed by a re-assessment once they return to real life.


Mostly I’m not posting the other pictures because I ran out of space in the post, but also, Amitabh’s got me SPOOKED!!!  He went after Pinkvilla HARD today, for publishing a photo without his permission.  Here are the tweets:

And here are the pictures (because I apparently am also NOT ETHICAL)

(Looks kind of like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, right?)

It’s not for a movie or anything, so I’m not super excited.  It’s just for a TV ad that I will probably never get to see because I don’t get Indian satellite channels.  Maybe someday if I am very very rich and can afford the extra $10 a month….


Oh, and it was the 18th anniversary of Dil Se (randomly, Duplicate also came out in 1998)!  Shahrukh posted a nice video thanking his co-stars and so on.  And then posted a correction video because he forgot to thank Preity.  SHAHRUKH!!!  REALLY NOT COOL!!!

What is cool, is that he responded to Manisha’s tweet about the anniversary with a really sweet check-in-but-no-pressure message.  This is basically the platonic ideal of how to reach out to a friend you haven’t heard from in a while who is fighting cancer.


And, because it is the 10th anniversary and now I am all worried about Manisha after Shahrukh reminded me I should be worried, here is my favorite Manisha/Shahrukh song from the movie.


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