News Round-Up: Shahrukh and Soap, Shahrukh and Christmas, and the Roshans and the Police

Not the biggest collection of news stories today, but still worth posting because of the bigger stories they are teasing out for the future.

First, Shahrukh co-starring with Sharmila Tagore, Deepika, Sridevi, and Madhuri!  No, it’s not the biggest movie of all time.  It’s a new Lux soap ad (you can see a few stills from the set here).  And it’s not even out yet, just stills.  Once it is out, I’m going to see if I can find it on youtube for us all.  But in the meantime, enjoy this older ad with Hema, Kareena, Juhi, and Sridevi.


Shahrukh’s Lux ads are one of the most interesting ways in which he has accepted his status as the woman’s star.  He’s the first Lux “boy” in the history of their ad campaigns, after decades of the face of Lux being a leading actress.  And meanwhile, the big soap campaign for men, Cinthol, was taken over by Hrithik from Vinod Khanna.  I mean, the ad still feels pretty clearly aimed at women (after all, your mother or your wife is usually the one who buys your soap), but the face of the brand has always been a man.  It’s not a “woman’s job” the way Lux spokesman is.



Speaking of Shahrukh, the release date for his film after his film after next has been announced!  So, Dear Zindagi in November.  Raees in January.  Imtiaz Ali’s film at some point after that (filming now, supposed to be finished before the end of the year).  And now a firm date for the Aanand L Rai dwarf movie, December 21 2018.  Ooo, Shahrukh!  December is Aamir’s month!  Although, I bet he ran it past him first.  It comes up occasionally in interviews, the 3 Khans are all well aware that Eid is Salman’s, Diwale is Shahrukh’s, and Christmas is Aamir’s.  And they coordinate release dates as needed around that.


And final little bit of news, Rakesh Roshan’s wanted by the police!!!!  Okay, that’s the really dramatic way to put it.  An FIR has been filed against him for copyright violation.  A writer is claiming that part of his book was stolen for Krrish 3.  Krrish 3 is such a terrible movie!  Why would anyone openly acknowledge a connection with it?  Anyway, the FIR was filed in May, and cops are scheduling an arrest for September 18th, so no one is terribly excited about this as the “crime of the century!!!”  I’m guessing this whole thing will either drag out so long that the author eventually gives up and drops the case, or they will reach a settlement and leave it at that.  Obviously, the big point was for the author to get his name and the name of his book in the media reports (notice, I am not falling for it.  Although, if you want more info, you can get full details at this link).

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