Trailers of Legendary Indian Heroes!

New Trailer!  For the movie that I am more excited about for the songs than for anything else!  And, yay, it’s a song trailer!  And also, a whole bunch of trailers for a movie I have been ignoring entirely.

After Azhar, I am so gun shy that I have really not been paying any attention to the MS Dhoni: The Untold Story promos.  But now I am going to finally get around to checking them out!  The teaser is pretty good:

(Is Dhoni really super tall, or is that just cinematic privilege, to make the character stand out from the crowd?)

The full trailer is really good too!  And it focuses on the part of sports movies I am always most curious about, how the heck does the the process work?  Like, the nitty-gritty of getting picked for a team and all that.  The director, Neeraj Panday, is previously known for very process oriented crime/action films, A Wednesday, Special 26, and Baby.  Super curious to see his take on sports-as-action, and succeeding as an athlete as process as exciting as pulling off a heist or solving a mystery.  The only downside, really, is WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ANUPAM’S HEAD?!?!?!  I thought the wig was bad, but then he comes back at the end with the baldcap, and it’s SO MUCH WORSE!!!


The romance looks okay too.  I’m torn, do I actually want to look up Dhoni’s wife?  Or do I want to let it be a surprise while I am watching the movie?  Looks like she came after the success?  If that motorcycle helmet trick is being used to disguise him in public.  The actress has been in a grand total of 1 movie before this, in Fugly, but she is being mentored by Salman Khan, so that gives her a bit of a leg up (daughter of an old friend, niece of his rumored first girlfriend from before he was super famous).



So, with Dhoni, I am intrigued by most things, including the star (I am one of the few people who really loved Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! and Sushant’s performance in it).  But I am reserving judgement a little.  On the other hand, with Mirzya, I have already made up my mind!

I am more excited about the songs than anything, because Mehra always has THE BEST song sequences!!!  Each individual frame is beautiful, but more than that, it is the way the images move together that really creates the beauty.  They are electric and kinetic in a certain way that few other directors achieve in their songs.  And this one definitely lives up to his legacy.


6 thoughts on “Trailers of Legendary Indian Heroes!

  1. Mirzya gets my vote too.Or at least those sections of it set in the past.The visuals are breathtaking.Everything is so pristine and black and white.The actors have chemistry too.Dhoni’s movie should have been made at least 5 years later.Plus his spotty reputation does not make me eager to watch it.We’ve got enough whitewashing of Azhar.From the looks of it, this movie follows suit.


    • Uch, the white-washing in Azhar was so terrible! Not so much for historical accuracy, but because the plot ended up with these huge gaping holes where they had to remove stuff that didn’t make him look so great.


  2. Mirzhya is Sonam’s brother, right? That song sequence looks fantastic. I’m excited about that one. I do like Sushant, but since I don’t know anything about cricket, it just doesn’t appeal as much.


    • I’m a little worried about Mirzhya, just because the integrating the myth with the modern day seems so complicated. If it works, having the two versions together, it could be brilliant. But if it doesn’t, it could be really really bad.


    • Like I said, I am very curious about his take on a biopic! Since he specializes in twists and miss-directions and clever plots and plans by the characters, I am guessing it won’t be a straight-forward a to b kind of take on Dhoni’s life.


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