Wanna Watch a Movie With Me (again)? Sept 18th, 11am EDT! Only 10 Days Away!!!

A few months back, we did a twitter watch along for K3G, which was super fun!  There were a couple of newbies who we got to introduce to the film, and some old hands who were super excited to share their favorite parts.  (you can get a sense of what it was like here)

So, we’re now organizing another one!  September 18th, 11am EDT.  Kal Ho Na Ho this time (following the theory that it is available on Netflix and other streaming services, and pretty newbie friendly!).

Here is the link to more information on my publisher’s website (she is much more twitter adept than I am!).  Hope to “see” a lot of you there!

And in case you forgot how fun Kal Ho Na Ho is to watch, here is a reminder!


9 thoughts on “Wanna Watch a Movie With Me (again)? Sept 18th, 11am EDT! Only 10 Days Away!!!

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    I thought you didn’t like watching movies where Shah Rukh dies! I do love this movie but I’ve only seen it twice (as compared to others I’ve seen over and over and over), the second time when I needed a good cry. I would love to join you but don’t know if I have it in me. Maybe I’ll be more able to handle it watching with a group?


    • I really really don’t like watching SRK death movies! I watched this one by accident, not knowing how it ends. And then I went with a policy of just beating myself down by watching it over and over again until I couldn’t feel any more. Plus, the songs are so great! And it’s Saif’s all time greatest performance (I think), and he’s alive at the end, so that’s something!


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