Hey! I Know That Song: Some Random American Songs Re-purposed in India

I’m not going to say “stolen”, because it comes so close to the line of theft, and then they slow it down and mix it up and it turns into something else entirely that is kind of original.  So I’m going to go with “re-purposed” instead.

I listened to this song, I watched this movie, I went about my life without really thinking about it.  And then someone pointed out it is “I Just Called to Say I Love You” all slowed down and mixed about.  And now that’s all I can think of!  Well, that and the ridiculous body suits.


This is one that I knew, right away, was based on SOMETHING.  And then there were the sleepless nights and agonizing days before I finally figured it out.  “Dream a Little Dream of Me”!


This one I just ran across a few days ago while listening to an Ashaji playlist for her birthday.  Never heard it before, at least in Hindi, but it was SO FAMILIAR!!!!


Any guesses?  Anyone?



“Minnie the Moocher”!


And finally, the first song to actually be legally bought by an Indian producer, ending those halcyon days of Betty Boop unknowingly collaborating with Asha Bhosle.  Which is also an excuse to remind you of the Kal Ho Na Ho watch along on twitter, this Sunday at 11am Eastern Daylight Time!  Join in by looking for the #KHNH or #DCIB hashtags!



6 thoughts on “Hey! I Know That Song: Some Random American Songs Re-purposed in India

  1. MPK had this tune and Final Countdown’s background music in Mere Rang Main Rangnewali. I Just Called was just slowed down and mixed but I thiiiiink there were more serious issues with the second to the point where they had to take that tune out in official videos in YouTube and use only the basic backing track. Which just made it sound disjointed


      • Ooh I think someone on the team might have been a Simon and Garfunkel fan too 😂 Check out the scene where Suman and Prem are in the car just before they go to that party where they save Handsome and Mohnish Behl tries to molest Suman. They play “Sounds of Silence”


        • Ugh, I forgot the Dove was named “Handsome”! He was my favorite character in the film (got to appreciate his Agneepath-level dedication to revenge), but he may have to go back a step because of a stupid name.

          (also, I wrote a paper for one of my classes comparing this, Bobby, and The Graduate, and now I am kicking myself for missing the Simon and Garfunkel connection!)


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