Kajol’s Coming to the US!!! Yaaaaay!!! Also, Hrithik Reminds Me of a Kajol Role

Don’t get to excited, she’s not doing a show or anything.  Just other stuff to help promote Shivaay.  But still, Kajol!!!  In the same country as me!!!

Bollywoodhungama first alerted me to Kajol coming to visit, but then I checked out Sulekha to see tickets and other details.  It looks so odd!  Basically, a big fancy dinner, with escalating ticket rates depending on if you are at their table, get to meet them, or are just in the same general vicinity.  It reminds me a lot of political fundraiser dinners.

But, it’s supposed to promote Shivaay?  I don’t really see how.  Beyond getting in the news and conversation a little because of the trip.  But it’s not like the SLAM Tour for Happy New Year, or even the Dream Team show I just saw for Baar Baar Dekho and the other upcoming movies.  Those shows gave you a glimpse of what you would be seeing onscreen, they got the songs in your head, and most of all, they sold out stadiums!  If you get 11,000 people to come watch your show, that will translate to 55,000 tickets for your movie (figuring each of them tells 5 other people about the show they just saw).  But this is just a dinner?  No songs, no performance, and only a limited number of attendees?  How is that going to work, exactly?  Sure, they raise lots and lots of money, but do they actually raise awareness?

I hate to be this cynical, but it really feels like just pure money for Kajol/Ajay is the biggest goal.  I know the shows make money too, but they work for that money!  Like, really really hard!  Plus, those shows, in their own small way, are contributing to “art”.  They promote movies, spread awareness, hone performing skills, all that.  But this is just straight up “Give us lots of money just for breathing.”  The most charitable interpretation I can give it is “well, maybe they wanted to promote the film through public appearances in American cities, but there wasn’t enough time/funds to pull together a full stage performance, so this is the best they can do.”  But then there is still the question of why they don’t just do a bunch of talk shows and interviews, what’s the need for taking money from people just to say they were in the same room as the Devgns?



In other Kajol news (sort of), rumors are starting about Hrithik’s Kaabil, that movie that might be conflicting with Shahrukh’s Raees.  So, things are right on schedule (if they keep that January date).  Start with the rumors now, release the first look in a month or so, then the teaser, then the trailer (by the way, I find it fascinating that they released the Raees teaser and rumors and first look right on schedule, but once the date change was announced, they stopped all the promotions dead until they could restart the schedule on the usual 1-2 month before the release routine).  Hrithik is promoting it as a “new” kind of action film, because he is BLIND!!!  I mean, his character is.  So they are designing all the stunts around the idea of a blind hero doing them.  And Hrithik is talking about it setting a new standard for the industry, such a thing has never been done before!

(This thing has been out for over a year, with no follow-up)

And, of course, I immediately think of Dushman!!!  So, such a thing has totally been done before!  Also, Fanaa.  I know Kajol wasn’t an action heroine in that, but she did lead an entire dance number without being able to see.


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