Kaabil Trailer: Isn’t it Kind of a Waste for Hrithik to be Married to a Blind Woman?

Kaabil trailer!  I would say “hey!  What’s with all the trailers this week?”  But I know what’s with all the trailers, they are coming out a couple of days before the Diwale releases, so there will be buzz and excitement to see them on the big screen attached to the big Diwale releases.

We all knew Kaabil was going to be about a blind action hero.  But now we have a little background, he’s not an exciting action hero, he’s a dark tormented action hero.  And he’s not a naturally violent fighty kind of guy, he is naturally sort of light and happy.  At least, based on this one trailer.


So, I think this is pretty clear, right?  Your standard Kalyug-Ek Villain kind of plot.  Happy happy love love, tragic violence, burning need for revenge as we see our carefree lover turn increasingly dark.  Blah blah blah.

(Kalyug had a better love song.  Whatever happened to that actress?  She was interesting!  Oh hey, it’s Mohit Suri’s sister!  She should have kept acting, I bet she would have been good in Aashiqui 2.  And of course the guy grew up to be Mr. Soha Ali Khan.)

Hrithik is a lot more interesting to me after the turn towards the dark side.  For one thing, he seems a lot less focused on “Must.Act.Blind” when he is doing his action stuff.  But also the happy part of it isn’t very conflict full.  So far as we can see from this one trailer, it’s all happy perfect beautiful romance, with nothing interesting about it.  Well, they’re both blind, but besides that.  And saying it’s interesting just because they’re blind is kind of reductive.

But the second half got me hooked!  Partly because I liked seeing the transformation into Hrithik-action hero in contrast to Hrithik-lover.  So I guess the lovey part works for me in that way, serving as a contrast.  But I really liked the Hrithik as broken avenger part of it.  Or maybe that’s just my Agneepath hangover?

Oh, and bonus!  Ronit Roy as a villain!  Somehow he just has that look, right?  I find him much more believable in the bully angry man kind of roles like in 2 States (still haven’t seen Udaan) than in the happy roles like Student of the Year.

6 thoughts on “Kaabil Trailer: Isn’t it Kind of a Waste for Hrithik to be Married to a Blind Woman?

  1. I was completely put off by the way both of them were stumbling around (the heroine even has her arms outstretched, for crying out loud!), enough for me to give this movie a pass. Also, Hrithik is now beginning to resemble his father in major ways, which is another turn off. As for the action parts — meh. I kept thinking that “Wait Until Dark” did this so much better. But of course, neither Hrithik nor Yami can be Audrey Hepburn.


  2. This is the second time Yami is playing the hero’s wife who gets assaulted/killed so that the hero can metamorphise into a grim avenger.


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