Happy Birthday Kajol! 43 Reasons I love you!

It’s Kajol’s birthday!  YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!  I LOVE her!  Love love love!  So I am going to do a full 43 reasons I love her, one for every year she’s been alive.  Oh boy! (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

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Dilwale and Dushman: Spoilers Go Boom!! Do Not Read if you have not seen!

So, yesterday I talked about how Shahrukh’s film Trimurti from the 90s echos the themes in Dilwale (plagiarism?  An homage? Laziness?  Who’s to say?!?!) (it’s laziness).  But Trimurti isn’t the only film that explores concepts which are touched on by Dilwale.  Going back into the 90s, we find Dushman, another film in which Kajol fights for her sister, triumphs through violence, and then turns to love.

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