Happy Onam! I Just Started with Malayalam Films, So Forgive the Shortness of the Post!!!

I know this is a huge holiday and there most be hundreds of songs about it.  But I’ve only been watching Malayalam films for less than a year, so I know very very few of them.  Forgive me!  And feel free to mention some better ones in the comments.

I just watched Jacobinte Swargarajyam, and I love this song for itself, and also for this vision of diaspora celebrating the holiday.  It feels very unique (although, again, what do I know!).


Onam is such a huge thing in Charlie, but I think this is the closest we get to an Onam themed song, yes?


And finally, I have no idea what is happening in this song, and I don’t think it is even from a movie, but it’s really pretty, right?  Both sound and visuals.

UPDATE: A commentator just posted this song video in the comments, and it is so lovely that I have to add it here.  Partly because I am a sucker for little kids, but also because the lyrics and so simple and clear in explaining the importance of the holiday.  Oh, and the song sounds really pretty too.


11 thoughts on “Happy Onam! I Just Started with Malayalam Films, So Forgive the Shortness of the Post!!!

  1. I felt like an idiot when someone asked me on twitter which Malayalam movie I was going to see for Onam because I had no clue. Unfortunately, my pick would be Oozham but it’s not playing in Chicago. I think five different films came out in Kerala for the holiday.


        • Saw 3 of the 5 Onam releases.

          Oppam – the movie was average for me with brilliant acting by Mohanlal as a blind man. The first half really lagged. While second half was good. Rating 2.4/5

          Oozham – Cliched revenge drama which was kind of entertaining. First 30 min was really good. Rating 2.7/5

          Oru Muthassi Gadha ( A granny’s Mace) – Best of the lot. A really feel goodsweet movie from the makers of Om shanti oshaana. Couple of characters from Om shanti oshana makes a friendly apperence in this one. Which I thought was really cool. Rating3.5/5


          • Well, so far as I can tell, the only one playing with 50 miles of me is Oozham. So that is the one I will probably end up with. But if by any chance Oru Muthassi ends up playing as well, I will try for that one!

            Thanks! I am going so blind with Malayalam films, I am lucky to even know there is a new one coming out, let alone which one I should watch.


    • 5 film released
      1. Oppam(Starring Mohanlal and directed by Priyadharshan)
      2.Oozham(Starring Prithviraj and directed by Jithu Joseph)
      3. Kochavo paulo ayyappa coelo(Starring Kunchako boban and directed by sidharth shiva)
      4. Welcome to central jail(Starring dileep)
      5. Oru muthassi gatha(directed by jude antony (om shanti oshana director)

      Oppam and Oozham have more hype. For me the best film on this onam is third one. Oppam,OOzham and last one are good.


      • Unless the movie theater puts up a new schedule in the next couple days, it looks like I’ll be seeing Oozham. Oh well, even if no one says it’s the best this year, at least it’s not the worst.


  2. happy onam..it is our celebration to welcome our dear king mahabali/maveli who once ruled our land(mythology)..this song is the most important and famous onam song(with subtitles)


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