FanVid Post! Just ‘Cause!

One of the people I follow on youtube just posted a new video that I really liked, so then I dug up a few more videos I like, and voila!  A post!  I’m gonna get to a thousand within my first year of blogging if it kills me!

First, here’s the one which inspired me to do this whole post.  The user is MRSEMRAAN, which I assume is because he is a Kajol fan?  But I have this sneaking fantasy that it’s actually Ajay Devgn, spending his free time on film sets making fanvideos of his wife.


You should never NEVER watch Bombay Velvet.  It will make you long for death.  On the other hand, this Bombay Velvet fanvid is pretty great and you should definitely watch it!


How cute is this?!?!?  So cute!  Also, kind of makes me want to see the parallel universe version of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil with Varun as the hero and Kajol as the older woman.


Did you really think I would put up a whole post without an SRKajol video?  Never gonna happen!


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