Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Trailer! No New Information!

The full Ae Dil Hai Mushkil trailer is out!  And it’s basically the same as the two song teasers we already saw!  No big surprises.

Not even any new coats!  Just some dialogue confirming what we all already got from the visuals.  Ranbir was into Anushka, she just wanted to be friends, Anushka was into Fawad, something went wrong (rumor has it that the plot will involve their families being against the match), and then Ranbir comes back into her life in the middle of his passionate affair with Aish and now Anushka is kind of into him.


We do get to here a little bit of a third song, sounds like a bouncy friendship type song.  The only thing I am a little nervous about is that it looks like Anushka might be “blamed” a little.  It could just be the way this is edited, but we’ve got all these shots of longing and miserable Ranbir, and uncaring happy Anushka saying “let’s just be friends!”  And then the double middle-finger while she cries.  Not pretty!

My hope is still that after Ranbir being in love with Anushka while she is in love with Fahad, and Anushka coming around on Ranbir while he is all into Aish, they finally realize at the end that Aish was just a distraction and Ranbir is still into her and everything works out for the best.  Come on, Karan!  Give us a happy ending!

10 thoughts on “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Trailer! No New Information!

  1. Well predicted.. hope kjo will give a pleasant surprise gift for diwali despite the weak trailer wrap.. that middle finger scene was totally unexpected from the franchise n legacy he belongs… aish n fawad will definitely leave their’s boyish ranbir n pretty anushka’s turn to spill d beans..srk’s cameo to be worth waiting for..come on kjo.. live upto d expectations that are sky touching.!!


    • In interviews, Karan has emphasized that it’s a happier movie than it looks, there is more joking and lightness and less tragedy. And that he took a lot of input from his younger ADs and others, trying to make it up to the minute and different from his usual stuff.

      Just the fact that Ranbir and Aish seem to have a sexual relationship with no guilt and no marriage pressure is amazing!

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  3. The trailer features a my favourite Faiz Ahmad Faiz poem + Noor Jehan song! Mujhse Pehli Si Mohabbat Mere Mehboob Na Maang is actually about the poet asking his lover not to demand the love he used to have for her, because he is devastated by the grief and oppression surrounding him. Noor Jean, as the story goes, loved the song and composed a tune for it, as per this article: (Really, listen to the original black-and-white era one. It’s beautiful). Of course, the context is vastly different here: looks more like Ranbir/Aish sending Anushka this message that he has moved on and she is no longer as important to him (given the look on her face when he completes that sentence)


    • That is so cool! Thank you for the background! And then I had to go back and watch that snippet of a scene. I think I can still have hope that Ranbir and Anushka will get back together, right? Because he is saying it in a sort of “Ha! I’ll show you!” kind of way, which makes me think he still cares enough to get pleasure in making her feel unhappy, not like he doesn’t care at all. Right?


  4. I think so! Because if you actually read that entire poem, it’s not like the poet has ceased loving the other person. There is a line in the end that goes “ab bhi dilkash hai tera husn magar kya kijiye, aur bhi dukh hai zamaane mein mohabbat ke Siva… ” which means roughly that Your beauty still captivates me but there are other things to grieve over besides love (prior to this line he describes a pretty violent scene of a place that has been torn apart by strife so obviously the context is different here). But the fact that he has that challenge in his eyes when he says it kind of seems to me like he wants to prove something to her at least and he WANTS her to feel something.


    • Oh good, that’s how I saw it too. I don’t want Ranbir and Aish together, because I just don’t think they have a healthy relationship! Based on a minute and a half trailer of fictional people. But I am VERY WORRIED!


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