FanVid Post! Because I Found a Bunch of Good Ones!

I usually like to have some kind of over-arching theme for these.  But, nope!  The theme is “I had a really good run of fanvids linking to other good fanvids on youtube”.  And I want to share them with you before I lose track of all the links.

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FanVid Post! Just ‘Cause!

One of the people I follow on youtube just posted a new video that I really liked, so then I dug up a few more videos I like, and voila!  A post!  I’m gonna get to a thousand within my first year of blogging if it kills me!

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2015 in quantities: What movies did I watch most?

Everyone in the world is doing “Best of 2015” lists right now.  And I get that, it makes sense.  But I am incapable of choosing “Bests”!  I love all my little movies equally!  But what I can do, is remember which movies I watched most in 2015, as it is a quantifiable rather than qualitative decision.  So let me count down, 10 to 0.

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