More Industry News! John Abraham Caught in the Middle!!!

Tiny little news, but worth it because it gives me an excuse to put up a pretty pretty John Abraham photo.  Which, frankly, is probably why Bollywoodhungama posted it too.

John Abraham, who is mostly a pretty face onscreen, has made some interesting choices behind the scenes.  He started his production company with Vicky Donor, a forward thinking social film, what with the pro-artificial insemination message, and the strong working female heroine, and so on and so on.  Also, it was a super smart business move!  A popular TV actor with some buzz about him, an experienced trained actress who wasn’t a “star”, a catchy title, a great song, and a story that was just scandalous enough to be talked about but not scandalous enough to cause protests.  So you end up with a small budget and maximum profits.  Smart!

His next few decisions were a little less smart business-wise, but very smart brain-wise.  Madras Cafe, a really risky intelligent film that got great reviews even if the box office was weak.  Rocky Handsome, which was a shot for shot remake of a Korean movie but, like, a really good Korean movie!

And now he is working on getting a wedding-set rom-com off the ground, with another couple of cheap talented TV actors.  Only, UTV-Disney was supposed to co-produce, and now they are fleeing the country.  According to Bollywoodhungama, John is now paying his actors and production costs out of his own pocket, while running back and forth to the UTV headquarters begging for money and having awkward conversations with Siddharth Roy Kapur.  No doubt made more awkward considering John had this love song with Siddharth’s wife.


Anyway, once again, this supports my theory that artists make the best producers.  John may not be the greatest actor in Indian film, but he’s been around for a long time, and he’s managed his career well enough to end up as one of the top stars.  He’s got this, he knows how to pick a movie and produce a movie and keep everyone happy, and he is ready to dig into his own pocket to make sure it works out.  And meanwhile UTV is pulling out of this sure thing cheap rom-com, because they wasted all their money throwing at the super ambitious and freakishly expensive Mohenjo Daro.

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