Kangana-Hrithik Update!!!

Yaaay!  The biggest scandal of the year keeps rolling on!  This makes me so happy.  News about UTV going bankrupt and casting announcements are fun, but I need the nice juicy gossip every once in awhile to keep me going.

I can’t find the original statement, but according to reports, Rakesh Roshan said something recently about how if Hrithik revealed his version of the whole Kangana thing, people would be “shocked.”  And then Kangana was at a book launch (Chetan Bhagat has a new thing coming out) and someone asked for her response.  To which she said, according to bollywoodhungama:

“I want to know why can’t Indian men stand up for themselves. He (Hrithik Roshan) is a 43 year old son. Why does his father have to come for his rescue always? For how long they will keep hiding behind their influential big names of father. He is an adult and he can pretty much handle his own controversies in show business. It is just a simple controversy. Why daddies have to always save their sons, I don’t understand this.”

So, hmmm.  First, her global argument that sons should handle their own business without their fathers getting involved.  I kind of agree, but on the other hand, before you try to fix that, maybe fix all of Indian society?  Because it’s not just about “fathers taking care of sons”.  It’s about older men being more respected and given more power than anyone else.  Jeetendra speaks for Esha, Salim speaks for Salman, Rakesh speaks for Hrithik, Shatrughan speaks for Sonakshi, even Yash used to speak for Aditya.  Not all the time, but when it is an important issue, they will bring out the old men to talk about it.  This isn’t fatherly emotion overcoming them, this is a practical reality, that the media and the rest of the industry and everyone else will pay more attention to some old guy than they will to even the most powerful industry figures who are not that old, or not that male.  So maybe the question she asks should be “Why are you reporting a statement by someone who isn’t even involved or that famous, just because he is an old man who makes a statement?”

Second, her PR strategy.  Not the greatest!  She seems to just be answering questions as they come up.  Like, not having an elaborate multi-step system for what she will reveal and when, just talking because she feels like it

Maybe I’m wrong about that, maybe she saw the Rakesh statement and planned out her response and just waited for the question.  But it doesn’t feel like it to me, turning it into a big statement on father’s protecting sons which is just going to get reported everywhere and back in the news, right when things were dying down and people were focusing on her career again.

If it is a plan, then it is a plan to get people to talk about big controversial social statements instead of her career, which isn’t a very good plan.  Especially because when she lets her work speak for itself, it is much stronger than any statement she could make.  Queen did a lot more to show the limitations of old male power than any statement she could make.


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