Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!!

Not too many songs for this occasion, peaceful non-violence isn’t necessarily the most cinematic thing to watch, but I’ll see what I can do! (Bhagat Singh’s birthday was a lot easier)

Obviously, had to start with this.  The best, in my opinion, version of Gandhi onscreen.


And then there’s Gandhi’s favorite hymn, which has been remixed and redone a million times.  I like this one.


This one is pretty nice too, despite my bigger issues with the movie.

Although I think this song from the same movie gets more at the reason Gandhi liked  “Raghupati”, because it was so religiously inclusive.


This one doesn’t have anything to do with Gandhi, but it popped up when I was searching for Gandhi songs, and it makes me laugh to think of Gandhi suddenly appearing as a back-up dancer or something.

2 thoughts on “Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!!

  1. You should watch “Hey Ram” (preferably in Tamil) with Kamal Hassan, and SRK in a cameo. 🙂 There are a lot of good songs in that, though not necessarily on Gandhi himself.

    I can’t help feeling that, except for the song from LRMB, the rest don’t really have much to do with Gandhi or his philosophy.


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