Discussion Post: Which of These Things Illogically Angers You the Most?

Well, “Good News” is now “Good Newwz” because people are DUMB. And this is reminding me of all the other times that slight spelling changes and similar have INFURIATED me far more than they logically should. I can’t be the only one, right?

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Happy Gandhi Jayanti!!!

Not too many songs for this occasion, peaceful non-violence isn’t necessarily the most cinematic thing to watch, but I’ll see what I can do! (Bhagat Singh’s birthday was a lot easier)

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Happy A Flying Jatt Weekend! A Review of Indian Superheroes!

This is partly inspired by a review that accessbollywood just posted of all the new heroes launched in the past few years and how Tiger Shroff compares now that his 3rd film is releasing.  I mean, it’s a totally different topic, but I am stealing her idea of using this new release as an excuse to look back at previous similar films.

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The Kangana and Hrithik Drama Finally Got Me to Watch Krrish 3! WOW, That is a BAAAAAAAAAAAD Movie!

I never thought the words “this is worse than Krrish!” would leave my mouth, but by golly Krrish 3 did it!  Although at least it was fun-bad, not anger-inducing-bad like Ki & Ka.

Also, I realized halfway through the film, every single cast member has been part of a massive potentially career ending scandal!  Viviek, Priyanka, and now Hrithik and Kangana.  And heck, Rekha in the original!  But not Priety.  Unless I am forgetting something.  She had the mob testimony thing, the messy Ness Wadia break-up, the bad plastic surgery, but I don’t remember any really really huge thing.

(moviemavengal is more forgiving than me in her review)

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