Hindi Film 101: Hrithik Roshan, the Cursed Golden Child, Part 2

Hrithik has had an oddly eventful life. Besides the movie-star thing, there’s just a lot of stuff that happened! And so I have to do a Part 2, even though he is only 45.

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Hindi Film 101: Hrithik, the Cursed Golden Boy, Part 1

I’m breaking my own rule because Hrithik is still in his career, things could still happen in his life, so it is a bit early for a 101 post. But he also has had such a fascinating unexpected life so far, I feel like he deserves a post. Or two posts, because there is SO MUCH.

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Fathers in Public and Private

So interesting what is considered “good” public image for fathers versus what they might do in private.  And how, sometimes, they just don’t care about public image.  And sometimes they have to care.  And sometimes they pretend they don’t, but really do, which bothers me.

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