Wild Wild Country Review: Either a Clever Challenge to the Audience, Or a Stupid Faith in Conmen

I watched it! While cleaning my entire apartment today. And it was a very interesting experience to watch, I think the directors might have been doing something really clever with how they presented the series. At least, I hope so. They were either being really clever or really really stupid. (for more Osho coverage, here is my article on their India years)

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Watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix? Here is the India Half of the Story

This is a little bit mean, it is Akshaye Khanna’s birthday today and I am reposting a post slamming his Dad.  But it’s really just a coincidence, I’m hearing from more and more people who are watching the Netflix documentary on OSHO, and it seems like a good time to make my article on the India years before and after Oregon available and prominent.

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Hindi Film 101 One-Off: What is OSHO?

By popular demand, and my own inclination, I am going to do a post on Osho! Otherwise known as “that weird religion that made Vinod Khanna run off to Oregon in the middle of his career.”  Just to skip to the end for a second, it’s calmed down in the decades since and is now a kind of normal sort of meditation center.  But it was very very odd for a while in the middle!

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