Salman is Rich, and Might Get Richer!

Newest tax reports are out, and as of right now, Salman is paying the highest estimated taxes of the film industry.  And it might be even higher, because he is suing for a looooooooooot of money from a TV channel.

First, HA!  I said, back when the Forbes highest paid actors list came out, that the only way Salman was number 14 to Shahrukh’s number 8 was if he took a bad deal on Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, and I bet he wouldn’t be that stupid with Sultan.  And apparently he wasn’t that stupid, and must have gotten a bit of the backend from Sultan to knock him into a higher bracket.

Although, he could still be beaten by Shahrukh.  The Bollywoodhungama report was careful to point out that Amitabh and Shahrukh’s report still hasn’t been released, and they are usually the top earners (because of their massive endorsement and personal appearance income on top of film fees).  Akshay and Hrithik and Ranbir’s figures are available, and Salman is ahead of Akshay and Hrithik (tied at number 2) and Ranbir at number 3.

Image result for amitabh advertisement

(Maggi alone probably knocks Amitabh into a higher bracket!)


And Salman is about to make even more money, maybe!  He is suing a TV channel (which Bollywoodhungama is being remarkably coy about naming, maybe there’s something about the slander laws that affect this?) for claiming to have recorded witnesses in his Black Buck case, who later claimed the videos were doctored.  Salman is asking for 100 crore.  Which is a lot of money!!!

Knowing the little I know about the Indian court system, I’m thinking the chances of this case actually being settled, and being settled fairly, are pretty weak.  So Salman is never actually going to get that 100 crore.  But it is a symbolic gesture, of calling to account all those media sources that report these things and create these stories out of whole cloth, thinking that no one will care if they say it about a movie star, because movie stars are fair game.

I like gossip as much as the next person, but I can’t stand created controversy, which is what these kinds of stories are.  Report on love affairs or rumored feuds within the industries, or what their next movie might be about.  Don’t try to sell me a newspaper with some made up story aimed at making me hate them or condemn them or artificially feel better about myself in comparison.

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