Hindi Film 101: Salman Khan Part 5, the Blackbuck

Can I just say how proud I am of all of us for keeping a respectful tone on these posts? Even when we disagree with each other, we do it with the assumption that both sides are just trying to learn and be the best human beings we can be. I have pretty much stopped replying to comments, because I don’t need to, you are all having deep intelligent conversations on your own without my needing to leap in and make sure things stay civil.

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Hindi Film 101 on Rape and Laws/News Round-Up Part 1: Court Cases! Rape and Fraud, and Blackbucks

So many news stories today! I’m gonna start with the two big think-y ones, the ones with massive legal implications, a rape case of a minor actor/band member (trust me, you haven’t heard of him and will have no emotional response because of fandom), and the same old Blackbuck case. And after I get this long deep boring post out of the way, I will move on to Imraan Khan getting divorced and fun stuff like that.

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