Happy Birthday Again Shahrukh! Let’s Look at How You Celebrated!

Booo, no big wave to the crowd and public viewing this year!  Boooooooo!  Come on Shahrukh, your birthday isn’t about you!  It’s about all of us! (have you seen my cake?)

Instead, he had a big party outside of town in Alibaug.  Everyone is there, Karan obviously.  Also Ranbir.  I am sure twitter photos will be leaking out all day.  Here’s the one that just popped up a few minutes ago.


Great picture of Shahrukh, right?  Do you think someone gave him the puppy in the background as a present?  Also, Ayan Mukherjee!  Still in with the Karan-SRK crowd?  Even though your cousin-sister Kajol and her husband are locked in a massive feud with Karan?  See, this just gives support to my theory that Ayan is what they are actually fighting over.


The party is officially hosted by Gauri and Suhana, which is sweet, little Suhana throwing a party for her Dad.  And it is supposed to last 2 days with people coming and going.  So basically, all of filmi society is out of town until Friday.  Really, ALL of filmi society!  One of the few other photos posted so far was from Sanjay Kapoor.  When you invite Sanjay Kapoor to your party, you are really not leaving anyone out.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Sanjay Kapoor (@sanjaykapoor2500) on


Suhana gave him a party, Aryan gave him a really sweet instagram post.


Awwww!  They grow up so fast!  Do you remember a few years back when they just gave him a handmade poster for his birthday?  And he was thrilled and talked about it to all the reporters?  Boy, that must have been embarrassing for them!  Okay, I can see why they went a different way this year.


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