Raees Reviews Combined and Reposted, I Think It Went Wrong At the Election Sequence

I wrote 3 reviews of Raees in rapid succession, before doing a detailed scene by scene.  For us all to have a chance to remember it and talk about it before Zero, I am going to combine all 3 reviews in one handy place!  Even with the combining, BE WARNED!!!  This is a LONG review. Continue reading


Silly Sunday: New Years Time Travel!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!  Obviously, I have to do a theme post.  I considered stories that revolved around New Years celebrations, but then I wasn’t sure what that would look like in India, so instead I am going with my sister’s suggestion and doing New Year’s combined with time travel.

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Box Office Report: Mahira Rules in Canada, Karthi in America, Vidya Everywhere

Did anyone notice I skipped last week?  I did!  Travel and careful number calculations do not go together well.  But now I am home again, and ready to catch up.  And maybe even put up a video, if the sun comes out again. (as always numbers courtesy of renttrack by way of bollywoodhungama, full info available here)

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News Round-Up: Shahrukh and Vikram-Vedha, Mahira and Ranbir, RK Studios Will Rebuild

I am still just gently dipping my toe back in the news pool, so I expect you in the comments to provide more information and background than I have after skimming headlines for the first time in a week.  But there are some stories just too big to miss!

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Raees Full Summary Part 2, through the first song and Introducing Mahira Khan!

That statement is less impressive than it sounds, because I am counting a song and a “song” that comes right next to it.  But I’m going to try to move even further past that as well, we’ll see how I do. (part 1 here)

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All You Have To Know About Humsafar and Mahira Khan Before Seeing Raees

I already put up 3 very detailed posts discussing and reviewing the entire 23 episode series that rocketed Mahira Khan to international fame.  But those were really for people who had already seen the show and wanted an in depth discussion.  Or were never planning to see the show, but still wanted to know exactly what happened.  But what if all you care about is getting a quick sense of what made Mahira Khan so appealing to the Raees producers that they just had to cast her in this role?  Then, this is the post for you!

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Things Are Finally Hunky-dory: Humsafar Part III, Episodes 15-23 Review/Summary

I finished it!  Thanks to my disastrous start to the new year (landlord says maybe I can move back in on Tuesday), I spent the weekend huddled in my parents’ guest room, with nothing to do but watch Pakistani soap opera’s on Netflix (yes, I did start Zindagi Gulzar Hai also).  And so I finished 23 episodes on 24 hours.  Which doesn’t sound that impressive until you remember to subtract sleep time.  Well, not that much sleep time.  Like 5 hours.

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Things Are Still Not Hunky-Dory: Humsafar Review/Summary Episodes 8-14

In preparation for Raees, I am zipping through Humsafar, the show that made Mahira Khan famous.  It was a bit of a slog at first, but now I am addicted and am rapidly making my way to the end.  Along the way, I wanted to pause and give some summary and discussion of the episodes.  I already did 1-8 here, now it’s time to move on to 8-14.

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Things Are Not Hunky-Dory: Humsafar Review/Summary Part 1, Episodes 1-8

As I am sure many of you know, the two big hit Pakistani soap operas, Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai, were just added to Netflix.  They’ve been available through other less-good sources (ErosNow, youtube) for a while, plus of course their original broadcast, so there is a good chance some of you are ahead of me in watching them.  Anyway, since enough people are seeing them now, and especially because Mahira Khan starred in Humsafar and is about to star in Raees, I am putting out a review/summary of the episodes in 3 parts, starting with the first 8.  There will be a little bit of non-spoiler to start if you want to decide if the show is for you before reading on.

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Mahira is Staying in Raees!!!

A few days back I reported that rumor had it Mahira would be replaced in Raees, or at least the producers were investigating finding a different actress.  One of the commentators pointed out that this wasn’t a very reliable report, which I agree with, but it was in Bollywoodhungama, which means that if it was wrong, at least they would give a detailed follow-up.  Which they now have!

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