Happy Birthday Amitabh! (Part 2)

Happy Birthday again Amitji!  I already posted reasons 1-25 that I love you, now here are reasons 26-50. (50 to 74 here)

26. I love you because you weren’t afraid to be foolish, even when you were a huge star, whether it was this joyful song from Don.


27.  Or this cross-dressing song from Laawaris (Jaya disapproved, but you did it anyway)


28.  Or this joyful song from Amar Akbar Anthony (I am always disappointed when my Easter celebrations aren’t like this)


29.  Or the title song from the same movie.


30.  Or this adorable children’s tune from Mr. Natwarlal.


31.  I love you because, by the 80s, you had matured from an Angry Young Man to a One Man Industry.  And you tried your best to keep the Amitabh Bachchan film Industry healthy and vibrant.

32. I love you because you played everything from a romantic poet in Kabhi Kabhi to an angry gangster in Kaalia to a guilt-ridden miner in Kaala Patthar to miserable trust fund kid in Sharaabi.

33. I love you because you co-starred with everyone from Sanjeev Kumar to Parveen Babi to Zeenat Aman to Shashi Kapoor and were always generous and giving to them as scene partners.

34. I love you because you worked with every director from Yash Chopra to Manmohan Desai to Hrishikesh Mukherjee to Satyajit Ray to Prakesh Mehra.

35.  I love you because, while you worked with everyone, you remained faithful to those who helped you in the beginning, Salim-Javed and Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Yash Chopra just had to ask, and you would show up for them.

36. I love you because this scene from Kabhi Kabhi always makes me think about you as a child, watching your father do these readings.  Harivanshri was famous for being one of the first modern poets to travel and perform his own poetry.


37. Speaking of cute scenes, oh my gosh this bit from Kaalia!


38.  Yes yes, I am going to do the other cute Kaalia scene!


39. This is also the era when you took a classic Howard Keel role and made it your own!  And also made it significantly less misogynistic.


40.  And you also took a classic Dudley Moore role and made it your own, not to mention giving it a theme song as good as “Arthur’s Theme.


41.  I love you because everything stopped dead in 1983 when you had your accident on the set of Coolie, as everyone from the Prime Minister to the man on the street prayed for your recovery.

42.  I love you because you joked in the hospital, when Abhishek and Shweta were brought in to see you, telling them the tubes going in and out of your body were for root beer and lemonade.

43.  I love you because you have never really recovered from that accident, the blood transfusions gave you Hepatitis B which eventually took 75% of your liver.

44.  I love you because as soon as you were healthier, you went back and finished the film.

45.  I love you because your injury over-shadowed Coolie forever, even after release, the producers froze the screen at the moment of injury, and added a caption indicating this was the moment Amitabh Bachchan almost died, pulling the audience momentarily out of the film.


46. I love you because you took a brief break after the injury to reassess your priorities, dedicating yourself to helping the political career of your childhood friend Rajiv Gandhi.

47. I love you because you had worked so hard and so fast, that even during your break, your films continued to release on schedule.

48. I love you because you rebounded with dignity from your failed political endeavors, returning to film with renewed energy.

49.  I love you because you made a special appearance in Soorma Bhopali, a film based on a character onscreen for 5 minutes in Sholay.

50.  I love you because you adopted a new nickname in honor of your return, Shahenshah!


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