Happy Birthday Amitabh!!! Finale!!! (Part 3)

Okay, the grand finale!  Reasons 51-74 that I love Amitabh! (part 1 here and part 2 here)

51. I love you because you kept coming back and doing your best, even in the early 90s when the audience just wasn’t there for you anymore.

52. I love you because this wig is ridiculous.


53.  I love you because this intro is so good, even if the rest of the movie can’t quite live up to it.


54. I love you because you saw the signs and realized when you had had enough, taking a voluntary break from film between 1994 and 1997.

55.  I love you because you took a chance and started India’s first film and entertainment corporation.

56. I love you because that was a MASSIVE FAILURE, proving that not even you are infallible and giving the rest of us hope.

57. I love you because, in debt and struggling, you became the hardest working man in entertainment, not just returning to films, but becoming spokesperson for innumerable brands, and taking a risk on the new satellite TV format, hosting what became the phenomenon of Kaun Banage Crorepati.

(So many clips to pick from!  I went with this one because of Dharam Garam’s stylish shirt)

58. And then there’s Mohabbatain!  I love that you trusted Yash Chopra’s son to reinvent you for a new era.


59. I love you because even in your new dignified era, you still were willing to have fun.


60.  Although you also had that dignity that cuts like a knife in this new era.


61.  I love you because when it came time for your son to be launched, you waited until he had established his own identity onscreen before co-starring with him.


62.  I love you because you took on one of the biggest roles of your career at age 63 in Sarkar, one of those parts only you could play, and knocked it out of the park.


63.  And then you followed your dead serious performance with Abhishek in Sarkar, with a completely not serious performance in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.  Actually, scratch that, a mostly not serious performance with a few moments of depth and wisdom, which you managed to somehow make all work together.


64.  I love you because you took a risk on a new director and a very different love story at age 65 in Cheeni Kum.


65. I love you because you were in one of my favorite films, playing another one of those “only Amitabh” parts.


66.  I love you because you are incredibly active on twitter and Facebook, not just “active for a 60-something”, but for anyone!

67.  I love you because most of that activity is the kind of posts my grandfather might make.

(I said he was active, I didn’t say he was adept)

68.  I love you because you are a doting grandfather to all 3 of your grandchildren, and a doting father to both your children, with no gender distinction between them.

69. I love you because you have now entered a new phase of your career, playing challenging character roles in a variety of films.

70.  I love you because this song is so nice, especially the video with you and one of the many many children you watched grow up and are now working for.


71.  I love you because Piku was amazing, and you completely ceded the center stage to your young female co-star.  Well, as much as you can ever manage to cede center state.


72.  I love you because you lent your presence and support to Pink, a story that I kind of can’t believe managed to come out and be seen in India today.

73. I love you because in honor of the 100th anniversary of Indian film, the Bombay Talkies film honored you twice, first with a short film about a pilgrimage to your house.  Which wasn’t that great in the end result, but the song version is so lovely.


74.  And then Bombay Talkies honored you again, which is really the perfect way to end this post!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amitabh!!! Finale!!! (Part 3)

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    • Nivin Pauly!!!!! Well, he’s not getting a post! The 74 for Amitabh wore me out. If he wanted his own birthday celebration, he should have had the good sense to be born on a different day. Maybe next year, when I can just edit and re-use the Amitabh ones, I’ll have energy to give Nivin his own. And, at the pace he is releasing films, by next year I should almost twice as many films to pick songs from.


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