Happy Dussehra!!!

I already put up the posts for the more important (to this site) holiday for the day, Amitabh’s birthday!!!  But now it’s time for the less important post, celebrating the victory of good over evil, blah blah blah.

This is my favorite Dussehra songs, because it manages to make the holiday work on 3 levels.  First, the practices of the people who celebrate it, the way it is handled as a tradition and lived experience. A simple village pageant, using the school children, the post-master, and the teacher, coming together to create the Ram-Leela show for the community.

Second, the Holy aspect of the holiday.  While most of the performance is done in simple costumes and sets with regular village folk, when Ram and Lakshman arrive, they are played by actors who do not appear in any other part of the film, actors who move and look different from the others, there is that vague sense of power about them, a reminder that this isn’t just a festival about fireworks and village plays, there is a real belief and faith behind it.

And third, the message of the holiday, which Shahrukh leaps into the middle of the performance to try to get the audience to see, that it is up to all of us to stand up and fight evil where ever we found it.

Anyway, what I’m saying is, it’s a good song!


So, that’s the deep version of the holiday, my other favorite Dussehra song is a really really silly version.


And finally, since Dussehra and Amitabh’s birthday overlapped this year, this one!

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