Happy Girl Child Day!!!

Does this happen every year?  Amitabh and Dussehra and the Girl Child all happening on the same day?  Because it is EXHAUSTING!!!  At least this should be a fun post, with an excuse for cute videos.

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child!  A super depressing holiday because of the necessity for its existence!  Shouldn’t we be able to appreciate and not kill/abandon our girl children without a special UN day to teach us that?  But, to cheer me up, let’s look at some delightful Indian films that had characters who knew very well how to appreciate their girl children.

Did you know one of Shahrukh’s first movies was a remake of Annie?  With Pooja Ruperal, who played Kajol’s little sister in DDLJ, as Annie?


Little Anjali is not the most charming little girl in the world, but this scene is super touching, right?


On the other hand, ALL of these little girls in this song are very very charming!  And I know the shaved head has a religious significance, but I also like the way it makes her little ears stick out and her eyes look so big.


Oh oh!  This is an excuse to post my all time favorite fight scene!  I was just talking about it in response to a question in my questions post yesterday!  And it is the literal interpretation of “Save the Girl Child”.


Okay okay, for those of you who don’t adore watching Hrithik brutally murder like 20 guys (I don’t know why not, I find it soothing), the same movie has a slightly calmer “Girl Child” moment as well.  It’s so touching, I almost don’t think about how his character gained a thumb between age 12 and 27.


And finally, the recent ultimate “Girl Child” movie, which is basically guaranteed to make you want to go out and immediately adopt your own adorable little girl.


Now, I really really want to post the last 2 minutes of Sultan, because I sincerely think that ending puts the cherry on top of one of the greatest “Save the Girl Child” message movies ever.  Only nobody has put it on youtube yet!  What is WRONG with people?!?!?!  I need you to break copyright so I don’t have to!  Instead, I am going to post a couple of the youtube videos that got this little girl cast, and invited to spend the day onset with Salman.


Oh oh!  That reminds me of one more!  You know Dabboo Ratnani’s calendar-that-isn’t-a-calendar?  And how he always gets the biggest people in town to pose for him?  You know why, right?  It’s because his daughter is the most outgoing and charming little girl in the history of forever and everyone just wants to spend the afternoon playing with her.


See, people?  Save your girl child, and everyone famous will want to hang out with you!


Including Shahrukh Khan with stupid hair!


(oh, and also Save the Girl Child because gender selective abandonment/forced abortion/infanticide is just really really evil and shouldn’t be a thing that exists in the world)


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